a piece of her-story

Almost like a replay of my past

Part of a feeling that didn’t last
It’s funny how a connection can feel so vast
Enter a different timeline, find a new broadcast
Cut to the chase, maybe we rushed it
Exactly when did we breathe and trust it

Objectively, we looked like a glass unshattered
Feelings underneath told a story more scattered

History is more than a written script
Editing the now to feel like we clicked
Reading our story, when was I tricked

Sometimes I knew I was making it more
Trusting the feelings change in my core
Oceans of rocky waves always hit this shore
Ready to experience, I’m glad I felt it before
Yet it’s time to let go, time to soar


Author’s Note – Acrostic poetry is a poem where the first letter of every line creates a phrase/sentence of its own, and I absolutely love writing in this form. The phrase here is “a piece of her-story”. If you break out the word history, it becomes his-story, so her-story is a play on that.

This is my story of a recent relationship lesson; I find relationships often are our best teachers even if it’s hard to see at first. It’s also a bit of a continuing thought from my last piece “this is what i’ve learned about love.”

I sat with this piece for a while as I was still figuring out “her story”, but I know it now and writing this was like a form of getting closure. If you’re reading this today, thank you for reading but also, take this as your sign to express what’s in your heart no matter what it is…closure is never found outside, it is always within.

35 responses to “a piece of her-story”

  1. I find here love and emotions, and above all, lessons, so beautifully told in acrostic way. I started with the author’s note that helps one understand the depth of wisdom in these beautifully crafted verses, that show the beauty and purity of your mind. Well done, Grace! All the best 👍💖🙏

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    • Aww thank you so much for your kind read, dear KK. You are the best!!! Thank you for taking in this piece and the note, your perspectives are such a treasure to me! Grateful for you and your support, truly means more than I can say 🤍🤗

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  2. Lovely poem Grace. Everything in life is is one big teacher.

    I love writing poems this way. I didn’t actually know it was a form of poetry (.Acrostic poetry). I tend to try and use one word rather than a sentence- but that is because I didn’t know this was a proper form of poetry. I just like to take a word and use the first letter to find another word. I learnt something new.

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  3. Wow this is so well done and the picture really struck me as a yep….I’ve been there in that window too.:)You made a perfect, very relatable Acrostic story…(a piece of her story!! Love the title) and how you developed the telling in perfect acrostic style. Such an elegant yet emotional read, full of wisdom and acceptance instead of looking for blame and excuses!! I loved the whole feeling of this..your wise over-and-above attitude that prevails in this wonderful poem, my dear friend❤️🌹❤️

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    • Aww Karima, thank you so much for diving into this piece. You are so kind and I can’t even express how much your thoughtful comments/perspectives mean to me. So happy you loved it, thank you for truly reading and for being YOU!! Made my morning, dear friend. Thank you thank you from all of my heart 🤗🤗🤍🤍


  4. Everything about life is relational! Some run their course for a season! others last longer! I always said, just because i love someone don’t mean I have to stay with them if the love is not returned. So, if someone walks out and leave the door open, I have every right to close it! I might hurt, but I don’t won’t the draft coming in!

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    • You’re the best Tony! Thank you so much for this special comment. I love your door analogy, you’re so spot on!! And yes everything about life is relational, that’s such a neat way to look at the world. Thank you for always being there and for adding to my thoughts in such a beautiful way 🤍🤗🤍🤗


  5. There’s always such wholesomeness in your writes, Grace! You’re so right about closure, it is always found within. Even if you’re lucky enough to resolve things on the outside, all the inner work is what matters. Thank you for sharing your words ❤

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  6. Amazing & deep acrostic poem…the emotions can be felt & your wisdom is shining in the space…you know what, this post has showed me something so clearly…a tussle for more than 1½ yr…deep down I knew what is right but the pain won’t let it go…so I had been thinking on / off… should I / should I not…today, that doubt has disappeared…”closure is never found outside, it is always within”…so thank you so very much for your words, dear Grace…see, things always happen for a reason…this post of yours has made me find the closure within myself ✨💜💫🙏

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    • Aww Jeff, you made my day!!! Thank you so very much. I’m so grateful for you and to be read by you, dear friend!!! All the same to you, happy 2023!!!


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