our next now

We spend so much time
for more time
for time to pass
for a time to feel whole

We forget the beauty
in living
the beauty
in breathing
the beauty
in just being

Does a tree wait
for its leaves to fall
for its roots to spread?
Does the sun wait
for its rays to rise
for its center to set?

Who’s setting the clock
to your life?
What happens in all those moments
you’re just waiting?
When did life become
a series of waiting for the next thing?

The next thing is born
in every now
The now is never waiting
it’s just all
If we lived every now
instead of waiting for every next
Our next would be now
and our now would be all


Author’s Note – I actually wrote this while waiting for something :-). And then it hit me…why am I waiting? Sometimes inspiration is found in the tiniest moments. When I came back to blogging, I switched my tagline to “Truly, Deeply and Fully LIVE”…and that’s what this piece is about.

54 responses to “our next now”

  1. Oh so beautifully put dear Grace..your Eureka moment while waiting, brought you this wise lesson. I am one who knows this…but forgets..:) So it was wonderful to be reminded gently, tenderly that in Life, every second is precious. Thank you Grace…you see at first glance, we don’t, and your knack for sharing in a humble, helpful way..is so beautiful to read:) 🙏🌹🙏.

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    • Aww thanks so much, dear Karima!!! I too have known this, but very easily forget 😆. My mom always calls it “waiting energy” and to “add in” instead…her voice was probably in the back of my head during this (as you call it 😊) Eureka moment. Awww I’m so happy to hear that, it was my hope with this one. Appreciate you and your always special support. Thank you for being YOU so amazingly 🤍🤗🤍🤗


  2. A Beautiful Poetic Masterpiece Grace. As always, with your beautiful way of penning down the words, you always touch the heart Directly😍💯🤩❤️This last lines are forever etched in my mind and heart😊

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  3. Dear sister Grace. I am just out of words 🤩🤩🤩 this masterpiece just striked me straight through my conscience. Just…. brilliant 👏 it presents the truth so subtley…. just awesome 👌
    Thank you😇

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    • Aww Hitesh, thank you so very much!!!! It makes me so happy to hear that, you just brought big smiles to my face and heart!!! Appreciate you and your always memorable comments, means more than I can express. Thank YOU 🤍🤗

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  4. The now is never waiting, and the concluding lines convey the wonderful message how we miss the valuable gift of present. I liked every line of this poem, as it’s so relatable to me. I Iike the real life situations to develop my ideas. This is a masterpiece, Grace, you are excellent! 😊💖

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  5. When we believe in time, we are bound to it; when we don’t, time has no real relevance. It’s also normal to pop in and out of this realization. Waiting, not waiting, waiting, not waiting…..gorgeous poetry, dear Grace! 🤍🤗🤍

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    • Aww thank you Jeff for your very wise addition to this piece! I completely agree with you…and this piece was probably me popping into this realization again and wondering why I ever pop out 🤣. Appreciate your always thoughtful words, dear friend 🤍🤗

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      • Ahaha! 🤣 I totally get that, and love that you captured the popping in and out aspect of realization this way. So much fun. You’re very welcome, my dearest friend. Always! 🤗🤍

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