Be who you are, not what you’re sold
Achieve your dreams, break the mold
Listen within, be your own gold
Actualize your visions, young and old
Names and labels are controlled
Character and authenticity will always hold
Even the invisible moments are yours to be told

Breathe without any fear
Access a new internal gear
Laugh when you’d rather shed a tear
Assurance is always there to hear
Not a worry when you forget how to steer
Call the heart no matter how severe
Each day creates your chosen year

Bettering thyself is the only thing true
Action inside lets it all brew
Love always stays, yet it still flew
Acceptance is easy when you know it’s the glue
Natural highs bid “tougher” days adieu
Caged fires are fires we always knew
Ease into the sprint, be your own breakthrough


39 responses to “balance”

  1. I so love the way the rhyme holds my attention and carries me on the wave of this poem until it breaks against the shore with its revelation that is poetically beautiful and strengthening! ❤

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  2. Love the inherent positive messages in your poems, Grace! ❤ These lines particularly struck me:

    "Actualize your visions, young and old"

    "Love always stays, yet it still flew"

    Love the accompanying image too 🙂

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  3. Loved your use of a very specific rhyme scheme 7 lines a 7 lines b 7 lines c… it gives a hypnotic smooth glide to the poem, dear Grace and stays in the mind. You speak from personal experience, not theoretical possibilities and that adds a certain weight of assurance and truth to your words. It’s wise, encouraging and hopeful. We feel you know what you’re talking about:) The last line is so powerful and yes…this Is the way…
    “Ease into the sprint, be your own breakthrough”
    Trust yourself…and go for it!
    Wonderful motivating writing my Grace…You are a war-horse, strong, tried and true.

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    • Aww thank you so much, dear Karima!!! I’m so happy you enjoyed the rhyming and the style…I was set on doing the acrostic of “balance” 3 times in 3 different ways :). Aww what you say about experience means so very much to me…I knew in coming back to blogging this time I wanted to be more personal and dive into what it truly means to live, so your sweet words leave me deeply touched!! You’re the best, dear friend! So very grateful for your precious support. I treasure your comments, our friendship and most of all YOU 🤍🤗

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  4. Sublime and hopeful your poem, Grace. We are born only once, but we are reborn many times. The important thing is to have a lot of willpower to start building a new life. Your verses infuse those reasons to give a foothold to a new life project.
    Hugs from afar.

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    • Thank you so much, dear Lincol!!! I love how you talk about “willpower” – I think that’s the spirit behind this piece. So touched by your thoughtful comments and support. Hugs 🤍🤗


  5. Well written sister 👏 the fact that you have captured all the essential things one should do when one has fallen is just brilliant🤩. You see these are certain things everybody says, but only the one who has personally gone through the hardships and has overcome them can put it forward like this. You are an inspiration Grace😇 keep shining✨️

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    • Aww Hitesh, thank you for deeply reading this piece. I think you noticed the expression of my journey through these words, which really means so so much to me 🤍🤗. You inspire me, brother!!! Thank you for your unwavering support through the years, truly has a special place in my heart!!!

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  6. Be your own breakthrough – bravo Grace for how you tease out the discernment between what is truly true and the illusions that cover our eye. You bring your glowing light to help find our own, so inspiring.

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    • Aww thank you so much, dear friend!!! I love your perception on this piece, thank you for deeply reading!!! Your kind and precious words always mean so much to me, good to have you back 🤍🤗

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  7. Last line is sublime, Grace, and this acrostic poem is unique, of 7 lines, but rhyme and rhythm are so perfect along with a profound meaning that the reader remains mesmerised till the end. I loved this experimentation. Well done, my friend 😊💖

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    • Thank you so much, KK…and thank you for noticing the acrostic element here :). I love playing around with styles of poetry, so I’m especially grateful for your supportive words. Grateful for your encouragement from the very beginning, thank you for being on this journey 🤍🤗

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