Love or Fear

Every choice you make, every moment you live and every breath you take you decide to live from love or fear. It is completely your choice and within your control. Every emotion is love or fear and every thought is love or fear; it may seem like there is more to it but really, it is love or fear. Especially right now, to live from love is of major importance. This world is surrounded by too much fear, darkness and division. We are not shown the countless acts of love, kindness, light and in general good things I know this world is full of.

You cannot fake love; to fake it would be to act from fear. Your heart will know if you’re genuinely acting from a place of love, kindness, compassion and light. Love always makes you feel good, always. We are loving, compassionate and strong beings. We are not what the media tells us we are or what our little mind likes to trick us with.

In the core of your being and in the goodness of you heart you know you are pure love, more powerful than you know and compassionate to yourself and to others.


I encourage you today (and always) to be conscious of your decision making, the way you live and the person you decide to be in every moment. Think to yourself, am I doing this out of love or fear? Am I living this moment with love or fear? Do I recognize love or fear in this situation?

That last question is super important. Especially with the media’s influence in our lives and their consistent encouragement to not form our own opinions, to live from fear and to see only one side. When you look into someone’s eyes what do you see? If you read a media headline how does it make you feel? When you’re in the middle of a tough situation what are you going to act from? You can only see in others what you have in you; this is big. We are all made of love and fear. Think from your own mind, not others and not your little mind. Make your own decisions and form your own opinions from love. And if you do see fear, don’t combat it with fear; be your loving self and act from love because that is how you vanquish fear.

Today, set your intention to be pure love, to spread love, to see love in all and if you do see fear continue to act from love and do your best to be that ray of light that vanquishes darkness completely. And once you do this today continue it for days and days to come.

To act from love is liberating, to act from fear is imprisoning.


I hope this helps you on your journey! Love is all their is in this world; fear is a grand illusion. Fear helps us be courageous, free and see the power of love but to stay stuck in it forever is very harmful. You will feel so good when you let love engulf you and when love is the only emotion you act from. Be the light, be love. And always be fearless and free. -Ace

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