Your Heart Speaks

What would you want if there were no material things in this world? Somebody asked me this question recently and it really got me thinking. Especially during times like these I feel this is such an important question. Something about it really struck me so I asked that question to everyone that is close to me. I got a lot of good answers but they all came back to one thing; love.

I would want real human connection. In this day and age everyone is so into their devices that to have a real and deep conversation is a luxury. And with the increasing use of facial coverings you can’t see anybody’s face or reactions limiting human connection. Could you imagine walking down the street to a store or something and there were no phones, everyone looked you in the eye, everyone said hello and smiled and even cooler someone asked you a deep question and you had a meaningful conversation with them? Personally, I’ve never seen that but I know that whatever I believe will happen. So, I imagine it, and I imagine it, because my thoughts create my reality.

One of my friends who I was talking to about this (unfortunately through text, you can’t win them all 🤪) completely agreed with me. And she pointed out something very true that people are forgetting how to talk to others. Being homeschooled my whole life, I was constantly pestered with the question, “How do you socialize?” And it is funny I’m throwing that question back at society. How do you socialize? With your face covered up, your eyes on your phone, your body at your house and your mind on your problems how do you connect? I encourage you to connect with other souls out there, whether digitally or not because I know it is hard to have face to face connection right now. At least talk to people, you never know how much you could help someone in their day. Kindness is free and will always make you feel good.

The friend who asked me this question said he would want to see the world. And my brother had the same answer. Could you imagine seeing the world without a passport, in a borderless world, without the the horridness of the airport and to experience cultures with people who are alive, vivacious and thrilled to connect with you? Again, I’ve never seen that but I too crave it. I’ve never understood why you need to a license to do anything in this world, let alone to pay to have the license. So to be able to see the world without borders would literally be a dream come true. This world has so much beauty in it that we are not aware of. For now, we can vision the beauty of the world in our heads because we are also not allowed to see beauty right now. Envision a better world, it is the least we can do to raise our vibration to ascend out of all this darkness and control.

My mom said love first thing but as she thought about it she went on to say authenticity. How awesome would that be? If you’re like me then authenticity means the world to you. Could you imagine living in a world where people knew who they were at their core, who were proud to be themselves, who fearlessly were that person every single moment of the day and who were honest to you no matter how hard the truth was to say? My mom is the most authentic person I know so I can imagine certain people like this but to imagine a whole world filled with only people like this is like speaking a different language for the first time. But I will imagine it for thoughts become reality. This world is what we create it to be, we are not only in total control of our destiny but we are in control of the Universe’s destiny for we are big pieces of it.

My dad simply said love which as I said earlier is really what we all want. We sometimes get distracted by material things but at our core we all crave love. Love connects us all and is who we are. All these answers always come back to love. Love is not a fairytale love story although it can be, love is much more deep. You could spend lifetimes trying to understand love but why try to understand it when you have an opportunity every second of every day to live it?

Another friend who I asked this question to said, “A better sense of humor.” It was a bit of a different answer from the rest but one that totally made sense to me. Especially right now, people are very stressed, up tight and in a massive state of fear. It seems as if every little thing is being taken so seriously right now and I get that some things must be taken seriously. However, a little bit of laughter and bringing levity to certain situations is definitely needed in this world. Laughing is so good for the soul and making others laugh will always bring you joy. Joy keeps us alive, not happiness for that is temporary. But joy is long lasting, it is real and it is an electric frequency that can be felt not only by you but by the Universe. Wouldn’t it be cool for a complete stranger to intend to brighten your day and to bring you joy? Could you imagine a world where we all wanted joy for one another and where we connected deep inside by the electric frequency of joy?

Think about this question today: What would you want if there were no material things in this world? Thank you to the person who asked me this, it really inspired me and got me thinking from my heart. And thank you to everyone who answered this question too, we are all unique yet all the same; it is love. Comment what you would want. This is so important especially right now and everyone’s voice and heart deserves to be heard. Be fearless and free – Ace

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