Journey To Thriving

Life is such a journey and the best adventure you’ll ever take. But, it isn’t just a straight path, there are many ups and downs and twists and turns. That is how you learn, grow, transform and evolve. I did a post a little while ago called Journey Of Life and I wrote it in question and answer format. It was super clear and brought myself and hopefully others out there much clarity. As promised, I’m doing another one today for I thought it was super helpful and very clear. If you have any questions you want answered please comment below and I’d be happy to answer them because after all we are all in this journey together.

How do you define fearless?

Fearless is honestly one of my favorite words! It has so much power and meaning behind it, it reminds me of my journey to becoming fearless and it is so clear; living fear less, without fear. We will always have that little voice in the back of our head, that fear that tries to pull us down. When you are fearless, you notice it talking but you don’t even give it attention or room to control you. You let it go, it doesn’t mean anything to you; you brush it off knowing it is nonsense. When you are fearless you live your life with freedom and you live purely from yourself. You jump into things, you take risks, you go for you dreams and you live. So for me, fearless is a journey and a bridge to freedom. And when you’re fearless, you don’t live a few moments here and there fearlessly, you live every moment without fear for being fearless is a life choice and a feeling you never let go of, not a moment to moment thing.

Human connection, why is it so important?

Oh my gosh, I could write a whole post about how important it is but I’ll keep it short. Human connection is a part of who we are, we are all the same yet we are all so different. Life is a paradox so that makes perfect sense. Connection is especially important right now because it is being taken away from us. The use of facial coverings is not for your health, it is for separation. And as great as our devices can be for certain things, they are destroying in person human interaction. Society is checked out, out of their soul. I wrote about this in one of my posts called Your Heart Speaks. Could you imagine walking down the street and people looked you in the eye and smiled, had the intention of brightening your day, sparked a meaningful conversation with you and even asked you a real question that made you think and helped you grow? Unfortunately that is almost foreign nowadays. Every person has a purpose and a light to shine. We all have so much to offer and we could help each other so much. Love connects us all so it is our mission to spread it. Connection is important because it is life, without it there would be nothing.

What is the difference between joy and happiness?

Happiness is not entirely real, I don’t really believe in happiness. It is a short term feeling that you feel on the outside not deep in the core of your soul. Happiness isn’t universal, it is limited. Think about it, when you were happy did it last? It is like a sugar rush, it’s there but it’s not real. It is based off the outside world and felt outwardly. Joy however is deep and has layers. It is felt in your soul and it lasts as long as you choose. It is the Universe. Joy keeps us alive, happiness is an actor. Joy is that feeling when everything seems so complete, so full. It is that feeling you can’t describe and you wonder why. It is electric, it pours out of you and others feel it. Joy is love; the strongest vibration in the Universe. The difference really is this: joy is everlasting, happiness is short term, joy is the Universe and happiness is limited by what society tells you is good.

Are there really any limitations?

I ponder this question a lot. Yes, there are. Let me explain. I know we create our reality, every single bit of it. Our mind is so powerful that every thought we think becomes reality. I do think we create limitations with our little mind. And that is ok, for to grow and to evolve we need that little voice. That little voice shows you limits and it shows you how it feels to listen to fear. Without it, you wouldn’t know how good it feels to be fearless and to have freedom. So I think, 50% of the time we create our limitations. The other 50% is society’s limitations. Society creates these limitations so you don’t realize your power and what an amazing soul you really are. I say society but really it is the people who control this world, the darkness or the elite. Let’s say darkness. The darkness will do anything it can to lower your vibration hence keeping you in fear so you don’t realize your own potential. We could phase through walls if our frequency was the same as a wall, we could become invisible to the outside world if our frequency was high enough, we could travel through dimensions with a high frequency I could go on and on. The darkness knows this and tries to do everything in its power to make you believe you can’t do that. So, there are false limitations. There are no real limits. Anything and everything is possible, whatever you believe will happen and you create the reality you live in. You have utter control of limitations, let go of the fear and you’ll see there are no limits. And even if you see the limits the darkness creates always remember your perception shapes everything. You don’t have to see it, rise above.

Is staying in the moment limited thinking or is it the key to life?

It is both. There are definitely limits though. Hear me out. I think in some scenarios it is key, like if you’re in a competition or something you don’t want your mind wandering, you want to be in the zone so you’ll need to be in the moment. But to live your whole life in the moment is a tad limiting. If your little mind is very loud and vocal and you struggle with letting it go and ignoring it, staying in the moment is super important and will really help you. But, we are timeless beings. How do I know this moment exists? Is it just the reality I create? We have lived so many lives, don’t you think it would be foolish to just stay in the moment and not to explore your soul’s past or at least learn from your past in this life? I believe the past has so much value, so much purpose and so many lessons you can learn from. Even if you have an incredibly rough past, don’t forget it. Why? Well, you see, you wouldn’t be the person you are now without that rough past. And wouldn’t you like to remember what shaped you into who you are today. Wouldn’t you also like to look back on your past to learn even more in the present and future? Now let’s talk about the future. If you and your mind create your entire reality why would you just stay in the present if you could shape your future to be exactly what you want it to be? We dream for a reason, we set goals for a reason and we have a purpose for a reason. Call your future into existence right now because whatever you believe will definitely happen. Then sometimes I think what if the past, present and future are all time constructs in our minds that we create but don’t really exist? Because time is not linear, it is more of a circle. And we go round and round completing cycles, starting new ones and more importantly growing through every loop. So, I have a lot of thoughts. I do believe the moment is a good thing but the present exists in the past and the future. When overcoming fear, anxiety and nerves, the moment is such a gift. You can totally switch your perspective and vibration if you just bring yourself right back to the now. But don’t get caught up purely in the moment. So like everything in life, it’s a paradox. The moment has limits but it is a gift too.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this helps you on your journey! Again, if you have any questions just comment and I’d be happy to answer. There will be more posts like this for sure. Remember, what you believe will happen and you are more powerful than you know. Be fearless and free -Ace

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