Conversations With The Universe

Dear 2020:

Another day in this world, another day in you. You know 2020, a lot of people probably don’t like you but I really am so grateful to you. Thank you for waking me up out of my dream and helping me learn what truth actually is. Thank you for all the growth and versions of myself I’ve evolved into and out of. I am so glad you came around and were very very honest, it seems every year before you was just a lie.

As grateful as I am for you and all the lessons you’ve taught me and truth you’ve showed the world, I’m also a little inpatient with you. Good things are supposed to have come by now and how long are you going to wait before showing it to us? I know the answer and I know inside that more people need to wake up to this show of a world we live in. And we need to raise our vibration. But I’m so ready for it, I am so ready. Patience is not my thing as you can probably tell but honesty is so I thought I’d flat out ask you. I am also asking you to give me your answer; I know you’re the Universe and I’m close with the Universe so I know I’ll get something back. Either through a sign, a feeling in my gut or a flat out response in my head so I look forward to it.

I will keep doing my part, fulfilling my purpose for right now and manifesting all the amazing things coming. I know you have a plan and everything is unfolding just as it is supposed to but sometimes it is hard to continue to live on with all the lies. I believe in you and I trust you and I hope you know how grateful I am for all the growth you’ve brought me.


Author’s Note – I thought I’d share this with the world and with you; it is a little different from what I normally write. I think we all have ups and downs and I’m normally pretty up here so I thought I’d be honest and authentic and share something I’m sure we’ve all been thinking…where’s the good things? I know in my soul that good things are all around us and lots are coming – unimaginably good things. But sometimes your mind can be a little bit of a trap. The only way to escape is with honesty and truth so that’s what I’m doing here. I will share 2020’s answer (obviously 2020 is the Universe) when I get it loud and clear and we’ll see what comes through. Thank you for reading. Be fearless and free

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