Conversations With The Universe – Part 2

2020 answered!! I sat down to write after hearing bits and pieces of the answer through a voice in my head but mainly it came through me as I was writing; like channeling. I asked 2020 in my previous post to tell me when it would show us all the good things that I am so very ready for. It was a moment of total honesty, sincerity and tad of impatience. 😁 But talking with the Universe is so good for the soul since we are the Universe. Asking your higher self a question and letting it answer you through signs, dreams, a feeling in your gut or a voice in your head is an excellent practice that we should all be doing a lot more of.

I am a year of a truth, a year of awakening. I am here to show the people in this world that the world is not what it appears to be; there are layers and layers of darkness and lies that I am uncovering slowly. I am taking my time for humanity needs to be strong and hold a very high vibration to ascend out of the darkness and into the light. If I disclose all of the truth all at once we could lose that sacred high vibration that we so need.

You remember when you first awakened from the dream, all the lies seemed crazy to you. And I know how that you are used to it now and you are growing through it which is great but so many other people out there are tied to this matrix and the realization that it’s a matrix full of lies would demolish their frequency. You understand? And there is nothing wrong with those people, their journey is perfectly meant to be for this lifetime right now and they will awaken when and if they are meant to.

The darkness out there wants you to lose your patience with me and to dip into that low frequency so we cannot ascend but you must have big picture vision. This is very important; this day to you may seem long and important but in the bigger picture of time, it is nothing but a grain of salt. Every grain of salt adds up to what our future reality may look like so treat each day with purpose and the highest of vibrations; I cannot stress this enough.

In the coming months more truth will be exposed but I really encourage you to have patience and to hold the highest possible vibrational frequency. We cannot ascend, evolve or grow without it. Good things are coming, I can assure you and as we come closer to 2021 there are a few key points you must always remember; some I’ve touched on already but there are a few I think you know but I must remind you of:

  • Highest Frequency And Vibration
  • Big Picture Vision
  • Listening To Your Intuition And Soul – and once you hear them, trust them too
  • Connection – love is so important right now and we must lift each other’s frequency as much as our own
  • Releasing All Fear
  • Listening To Your Body
  • Be In Control Of What You Let Into Your Reality

Thank you for asking this question and I believe that is an excellent thing to do. Continue to act and live in love; good things are coming and everything is happening as it should.

Ace (channeled through my higher self)

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