The Eternal Flame

Love is an eternal flame, burning throughout time and through every version of yourself. The fire is always on, never burning out. We are all love and the only thing that can convince us otherwise is fear. Don’t let it come near because love is only the real thing in this world. The spark of the fire of love is your heart, follow your heart and let it ignite your soul. Your vibration allows the fire to burn forever, keep your vibes up and your fire will always be alive.

Even if your fire dies, you can always choose to light it again. Everything in life is a choice, it is your choice. Choose to light up your world and to keep it alive. There is a fire burning inside all of us, a fire to fulfill our mission in this Universe, a fire to be truly free and a fire to feel love and to spread it. Let the fire burn, keep igniting it with your belief and your soul and vibrate high.

Be fearless and free -Ace

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