Rise Above

Everything in the world right now is a show

Vibrations so low

Not intended to help us grow

It is your responsibility to glow

To shine your light

And fight

Fight for your high frequency

Fight for love

Fight for ascension

Where energy goes

Reality flows

We choose the reality we want to live in

Don’t give in

Realize your power

And burning desire

For true freedom

Don’t play into their games

It’s your choice

To listen to the voice

The voice of fear


The Voice of Love, Truth, and the Universe

All will be well

Don’t dwell

In the fear and the unknown

Live in the certainty

That the Universe is taking care of you

And focus on the love

You have a choice to make right now

You can either vibrate at the highest possible frequency and ascend

Out of this darkness and into the light

Or you can give up the fight

And be stuck in this fear

Love is right here

Ascension is oh so near

Step out of the game

And reclaim your inner flame


Sending everyone lots of love, high vibrations, inner strength, peace and light today and always!

4 responses to “Rise Above”

  1. This beautiful poem (and the beautiful picture) make me think of my relationship with the Creator of the Universe, and the verse in the Bible that says “He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights.” (Psalm 18:33)

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