still thinking

I let my thoughts wander in my head
Before I went to bed
Guess I took some to my dreams
Showing me things
I don’t know I want to see
Not that it’s all bad
Just the uncertainty
Sometimes drives me mad
It is indeed you I see
Will these dreams come to be?
Or is it footage just clogging my brain
Sinking down an endless drain
Even if it’s just a show
Most moments aren’t too low
Looking down the row
Of the thoughts you created
Down the hall of my mind
I watch the Universe
Pick which past or future to show
No matter what
It always shows me something that’s good
Somedays I wake up steaming
Somedays I wake up gleaming
Somedays I wake up dreaming
I could live in the dream instead
You confuse me
Because I wonder why you still take space in my mind
But you I enjoy seeing
I just wish you were still being
And you I ask to see
So, thanks for coming to be
I see the signs
All the different kinds
This poem was supposed to bring me clarity
But that’s a rarity
So, I’m still wondering
Will some of these dreams come true?
Or is it just a show of my ever-changing point of view?

This poem took me a while to write, I had so many thoughts and condensing them into lines that rhyme was tough, but I saw the potential in this piece so I kept going. I really love this poem, it has a lot of special meaning to me. I believe so much in dreams, but they still leave me with much to think about. I hope this helps you on your journey and reminds you to take a look into your dreams. Be fearless and free -Ace

27 responses to “still thinking”

    • Thank you so much Amber! This comment was spammed, sorry for the late reply! I’m glad you enjoyed it and your support/kindness means so much to me, even if WP won’t allow you to comment/like, I can always feel your supportive energy and kindness! So, thank you! Much love to you as well.

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      • Welcome. Yes, they are censoring me by putting my comments in spam boxes. They are really coming after me for some reason, they don’t like the truth being exposed.

        Thank you! Hugs and blessings. Love to you. ❤❤

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      • I know, it’s awful. I was censored on a platform before coming to WordPress, so I totally get it. I will always check my spam though, 😊! Keep going my friend, trust in the Universe, it’s going to workout!

        Thank you and many spirit hugs to you 🤗

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      • It is taking away our freedom to speak and talk truths.. What platform were you on Ace? Yes, trust all will work out in the best ways for my souls evolution and ascension.

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      • It’s called We Heart It and it is super small. I’m still on it a little bit, trying to spread love and truth as much as I can! There’s a link to my profile on the front page of my website. I posted an image that only said “Love Yourself” and it was an abusive image that went against their terms of service. 😂😂😂Crazy! But a blessing came out of it, my blog. I know a blessing will come out of what you’re going through!! Indeed, that is exactly right!! Spirit hugs 🤗🤗

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  1. Dreams are always full of the symbolism of our unconscious mind. Mine are so odd I really don’t know what to make of them at times. But I dream every night and somewhere in my subconscious I’m sure it’s resetting my brain.

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  2. What a beautifully written poem, Ace! Dreams do signal what’s going on in our inner consciousness, and wow, you captured the elements of the dream realm so well! ❤

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