Inhale, Exhale

“Pound Pound,” went the beat of his heart. He took a deep breath, inhaling his gratitude and exhaling his fear.

Another moment passed, he took a deep breath, inhaling love and exhaling worry.

This moment was different, he had no more fear to exhale, so he inhaled peace and exhaled love for the world to receive.

And the same thing happened again, his fear had evaporated. He inhaled excitement and exhaled blessings for each being in the Universe to feel.

But in this moment, the fear came back because it realized it was losing his power over him, so he inhaled light and exhaled the fear again.

This moment, he was free, so he inhaled joy with a smile and exhaled freedom to help the world’s heart beat louder.

In this moment, he took a step back and inhaled the past moments he had just experienced. Those moments were just a few seconds of his day, if he could be this aware of his breath, feelings, thoughts and energy in every single second of the day, then he would live a life of true freedom. So, he exhaled to the future, excited and ready for all the inhales and exhales to come.

Be fearless and free -Ace

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