Each breathe
Is a new chance
To give the truth a glance
It all starts with love
You can feel it’s force above
That something in the air
Love always makes you care
It’s not about fair
It’s all about feel
Don’t let others make you kneel
Stand in your truth
And be who you really are
Fake is not raw
It’s just a flaw
Simple to fix
Because love and fear just don’t mix
Diving deep in my soul
Until I feel whole
Intuition’s on a roll
I see me
I see you
I see truth
I see light
I see darkness
No matter what
I see
And I’m always truly me
Letting this feeling be
Just like a tree
Rooted to my truth
Growing each day
Shedding what needs to go
And sitting in the peace
That I am all
Fear will continue to fall
As I listen to my fire’s call
Because with the light on
No lies can stay
They’ll just float away

23 responses to “float away”

    • Awe, I’m so glad to hear that!! And thank you so much for your kind support, I appreciate it very much!! Your writing is a comfort to me as well, much love 🤍🤍


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