2020’s reality

When 2020 began
2019 ran
I thought I knew my year
With my dream so near
But then the truth hit me
And I could no longer just be
I had to dig
And dive for answers
Because I realized lies
Were all this world presented
I don’t resent it
I just needed an alarm clock
To wake me up
As my world changed
And my dreams too
I kept fighting for you
That soul inside
Whose drive cried
To take place in my reality
Then this blog was born
Never thought I’d be here
Feeling the Universe so near
Blessed beyond words
To have connected with you
And to have a made a dream
Changing my mentality
And practicing my dimensionality
2020 has shaped me into a better version
Giving the truth my total immersion
I thank you
For helping me awaken
For being the friend I needed
For making dreams come true
For letting me grow
And teaching me how to glow
Every single day in a row

13 responses to “2020’s reality”

  1. practicing my dimensionality, Giving the truth my total immersion – this is brilliant. This awakening is a bittersweet potion and undeniable once we taste it. The gratitude that emerges is so beautiful. I remember the rawness of this journey and now can look at it with wonder and awe. I love how your poem describes it so wonderfully.

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    • Thank you so much!!!! I’m so glad to see you here, I missed connecting!!! I love how you describe the awakening, I deeply resonate with your words!!! You’re so kind and your support is greatly appreciated!! Much love 🤍🤍

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