Universe Hug #3

Galaxy, Quest, Dream, Vision – 1:51

This video is from my first video album, IMAGINE + REALITY. That album is about imagining your reality, so, this video is kind of my way of doing that – calling some things into existence 😊. You’ll notice there is a pattern to the topics of each slide in this video – it goes: vision, dream, quest and galaxy and then the last slide combines them all. I love these four topics; the inspiration is just endless. I also really love the music to this video, the song is called Grow and fits perfectly. I don’t know why this video felt right for this week’s flashback, but, it is one my favorite videos of mine for a few reasons! I hope this helps you on your journey and you receive many Universe hugs through it!!! And PS – next week’s Universe Hug is a brand new single video! Can’t wait to share with you guys!!

If you’re new to this series, here’s Universe Hug #1, Universe Hug #2 and below gives you a behind the scenes explanation of how this series was born!

Each week, I plan on posting an old video of mine as a little change up of posts, a charge of energy/motivation and a flash to the past – I’m calling it The Universe Hug Series! My mom always taught me that the little signs/synchronicities the Universe gives are like little hugs, thank you Mom!! So, my hope with this series is to give you many Universe Hugs!

And if you want more videos like this, check out my video albums – IMAGINE + REALITY & FREEDOM!

29 responses to “Universe Hug #3”

    • Aww thank you, my friend!! I’m so glad to hear that!!! Well all of them have been my old videos, but, next week’s will be a brand new video!!! Your support always leaves me so touched and grateful, you’re awesome!!!!! Much love 🖤🤗

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    • Aww thank you so much, Grace!!! I’m so glad to hear that!!! Aww you’re always so kind!! I truly truly appreciate you, friend!!! Connecting with you is a highlight of my day, and I’m always grateful for your support!!! Hugs and love 🖤🤗

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    • Aww thank you so much!!! You’re awesome, my friend!! I am so grateful for your kind support and encouraging words – means a lot!! I don’t know why we didn’t connect sooner, but, I’m sure glad we have now!!! Appreciate you, much love 🖤

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      • Better late than never. I’m overwhelmed. Thank you so much for your support and encouraging words. Keep doing good job. Stay happy and blessed 💐🙏

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    • Aww thank you so much, Lia!!! I’m always touched, grateful and inspired by your loving comments/support!!!! Grateful for you, dear friend!!! Much love 🖤🤗


  1. Infinite love 💖 Ace, this is so spectacular💖🎆😊 I grew happier with each slide and could feel the inspiration that our Universe supports us with grow by the second! It’s truly amazing when we stop and give thanks for what is constantly and consistently provided for us in this life. It’s awesome. So is this piece and so most definitely are you. Much love and thanks for this one🥰🥰🥰

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    • Aww sis, thank you so so much!!! I’m so glad to hear that!!! It is indeed awesome and aww, you’re the best!! I can’t tell you how blessed, touched and grateful I feel that the Universe brought us together!!! Your support and loving words/energy always leaves a huge smile on my face and heart!!! Hugs and love 🖤🤗

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    • Aww thank you Diana!! I’m so glad to here that and your kind words have a special place in my heart!!!! I’m always touched and grateful for all the loving support you show me!!! Much love, dear friend 🖤🤗

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