Breaking Free

Not much in this world

Is real

It’s not just how I feel

That is just the truth

Our food, air, and water

To name a few

The plan didn’t go askew

It was the plan all along

To take away our power

And to take away our ability to question

The truth can be hard to swallow

You can wallow

In the fear

But love is all that is here

It is always near

And the only thing really real

As you read that line

You’ll feel

The beat in your heart

Because you are love

You, me and everyone here

Is love

Love becomes so much stronger

When paired with the truth

Only then do we truly awake

Out of the dream that some don’t break

You put love and truth together

You’ll be in touch with the Universe forever

Truth will come knocking on your door

Open it and ask for more

Always come back to love

Then tap into truth and rise above

Once you balance this relationship

Of Love and Truth

You’ll feel free for the first time in your life

Freedom will have a new meaning to you

I encourage you to remember that meaning

Through and through


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