IMAGINE + REALITY – Debut Album Turns One Month!!!

Happy one month IMAGINE + REALITY!! I can’t believe it’s only been a month, I feel like I’ve known you forever! I’m re-posting you because I feel you have even more light to shine and the timing feels right, we all need a little escape from reality and a little re-charge to our vibration. Thank you for being the light, for spreading the love, and being a part of my heart and soul forever. 🖤 -Ace

This album is totally me. I always marvel about how powerful our minds are and that we create our entire reality. When I look back in my past, I can see things that I thought were so real but really, I created it all. Life is much more freeing when you realize you are in utter control of the reality you live in. I hope this album brings people that freedom and inspires them to imagine and dream big for it will become reality; I promise you. I was inspired by Ava Max’s new album Heaven & Hell where she did 7 heaven songs, 7 hell songs and 1 in between. I, of course, made it completely my own. 17 is such a powerful number, this year especially, so I knew 17 was the number of videos I was going to make. And to have 8 imagine and 8 reality seemed right because 8 flipped is infinity and I want this album to bring you infinite inspiration, freedom, imagination and fearlessness. So, the first 8 videos are IMAGINE, the 9th video is IN BETWEEN and the last 8 videos are REALITY. In the coming days I’ll take you behind the scenes and do a Q&A so I can explain the full journey of IMAGINE + REALITY. But right now, enjoy these amazing videos! I encourage you to go in order because these all flow so nicely into each other. Or watch what stands out for you personally because the Universe will show you what you need to see. I love this album so much; it will always have a special place in my heart. 

1. Beginning To See – 1:13

This was the first video I made for the album. At the time I didn’t know I was making an album but it really fit in. I titled it beginning to see because that moment when you begin to see you have so much power, your intuition is so strong, your heart is so pure and that you are the Universe is magical. It is the beginning to seeing yourself for who your soul really is and to seeing the world for what it is. I knew it had to be the intro video because without this feeling the rest of the videos won’t touch you as deeply. 

2. Harness My Power – 1:27

This video ties right in to Beginning To See. I jumped with the idea of realizing your inner power and strength. I think the world would be in a much different place if we could all realize our power, potential and strength because then we’d form our own opinions and choose what we wanted to believe, not what the media wants us to believe. I love the analogy here of being like a crystal. Crystals right now are so important for us and bring us such high vibrations so I wanted to tie that in. And just like we harness their power we can harness ours. Also, I love the music here; thought it’d be fun to change up the tune into something that fits more with the confidence vibe.

3. Creating Magic – 1:21

This video flows perfectly from Harness My Power. Because once you harness your power then you can create magic. I love the chill vibe of the music even though the messages in the video are so important and utter truth. I had some fun with backgrounds here because magic is completely what we imagine in our minds. Everyone’s interpretation of magic is different; obviously mine has a lot of colors. But going deeper, when I say magic I interpret it as when your life is in utter harmony and balance. When everything flows so easily and you live life like a fearless surfer; the waves keep coming but you keep riding the waves effortlessly. 

4. Infinite Choice – 1:52

Infinite Choice was originally going to be a video about change but as I was editing it, it became more and more about choice so I ran with the choice theme. This video is one of my favorites for the music is on point. I watched this video like a hundred times so I could get the melody to be right on track with the words and it just fits so nicely. Another reason I love this video is because it talks about making mistakes and messing up and that it is ok. It really is ok, you have to trust everything is meant to be and those mistakes will help you grow. Our freedom of choice is slowly being taken away from us and I want this video to remind people that choice is yours to make. Harness your power and make your choice that feels true to your soul. That’s the key to life; I know I say that a lot but really that is all it is. 

5. Living Lyrics – 2:24

I had most of these lyrics just sitting in a file; it wasn’t a video yet. If you know me, you know lyrics and music are some of the things I love the most. Music is such a comfort to me and watching the Universe show me signs through lyrics is one of my favorite feelings. Something about music just connects with my soul. And I’m not talking about mainstream music, I am talking about specific, thoughtful, real as can be, raw, honest, empowering and comforting music that touches one’s soul. So, I knew this album had to include my favorite lyrics. I can’t pick a favorite here, they all have a special place in my heart. 

6. Becoming Energy – 1:26

Becoming Energy has such a valuable message. I realized one night that I was forgetting to include the power of energy and how much it creates our reality so I started writing some quotes down in my journal and that night in 20 minutes I wrote the whole video. In the morning I had fun with designs and backgrounds because vibrations and frequencies have a wide range of imagination. I feel this came together so well. My book analogy in here is one of my favorite analogies of the whole album. Being a writer, it is very real to me and super relatable; I actually use that analogy in my everyday life reminding myself to stay high vibrationally. Always remember everything around you is energy, energy is how the Universe communicates so use your voice with purpose and always raise.

7. Movie Making – 1:35

I’ve always loved the analogy of your life is the movie and you are the director. When I sat down to make this video, I had no idea what I was going to do. And then I saw a background of a movie theatre and I knew that would be the theme for the video. I think sometimes we all forget that we are in charge of our destiny and we can create it to be whatever we want. I want this video to be a reminder of that. I put it in the IMAGINE section because it is more about creating the movie than watching it. Also, since we are almost at the end of the IMAGINE section the videos are starting to become a little more REALITy – like naturally, which I think is super cool because it shows the Universe is taking care of this album. 

8. Fearless + Free – 1:37

The last video of IMAGINE!! I knew this one had to be about freedom because it is the last thing you need before you go on creating your dream reality. Freedom is the key to everything. You can unlock so much of your power, you can make huge strides and you’ll feel so good. And the title of this video worked out perfectly because my website is fearlessfreesoul. My website is something I imagined for a while and now it being reality is honestly a dream come true. So, the tie in here for the last IMAGINE video seems perfectly meant to be. You can’t be free without being fearless and once you’re fearless you’ll be free. And the song took me forever to find, as I was getting to the end of making videos for this album, I became way too picky on the music! I’m a perfectionist I can’t help it, but the song title is This Story and I feel it completes this story of IMAGINE very well. It just seemed meant to be. 

9. The Bridge In Between – 2:05

My lead single and such a valuable part of this album. I’ll be honest, I was putting this one off for a bit because it seemed a little daunting. When I make videos, I like to just let it flow and see what I come up with but for this one I knew I needed to make this in between IMAGINE and REALITY so figuring how to do that was challenging. In the end it was oh so worth it, I love this video. I see it as a journey of you and the Universe getting to know each other and working with each other. I feel it ties everything together. We all know that moment when you feel you’re doing everything right and you’re trying to manifest but something isn’t working. That is when the Universe comes in and reminds you to be fearless. This video captures that. I love the song too; I’d been wanting to use that song for a while and it just wasn’t fitting but when I played it with this video it was a perfect match. 

10. Depth – 1:11

The first video of REALITY!! Similar to Living Lyrics these images were just sitting in a file waiting for music. I love these images and the black and white theme, so I thought why not make it a video. I titled it Depth because I feel it encapsulates the depth of your soul. Our depth makes us unique and sometimes we need a reminder to dive into our depth. I thought it was the perfect introduction to REALITY for it’s a little dark, very honest and it celebrates our uniqueness for without that we’d all be living the same reality. Each of our imagination’s are unique which makes all our realities different. And I love this song; it fits in so well with the vibe of this video and the message I’m trying to get across; be unique.

11. Illusions – 1:13

This was the second video I made for the album and like Beginning To See I didn’t know I was making an album yet. I was in the shower and all the sudden I had this idea to make a video about time. I don’t know why but when you’re in the creative zone things just come to you and ideas flow through you so easily. I made this video in literally 45 minutes, I just knew what I wanted it to say. One of my favorite slides of the whole album is the reality cage. I think of time as very 3 dimensional living and honestly I don’t pay nearly as much attention to it as I used to. I feel like there are a lot of preset beliefs when it comes to time so I wanted this video to break those beliefs and help you form new ones. And the song ties all of this together. Sometimes I pick the song purely for the title and in this video that was the case. The song is called Mysteries and boy what a mystery time is.

12. Dreaming Harmony – 1:16

You know, a year ago I wouldn’t have known what harmony felt like, what balance felt like. But now I know it is one of the best feelings in the world; as if nothing can stop you because your life is so complete. Another one of my favorite slides of this whole album is the one in here that says, “Reality has the word Real in it because it is real to you but a dream to your mind.” I remember so vividly when I realized real was in the word reality and it just came to me all the sudden why. Real is what you make real, nothing has to be real, you choose it. I feel like when people hear the word reality, they think very limiting like it is just the way it is and can’t do anything about it. When in actual reality, the possibilities are endless and harmony is very achievable. My intention with this video is to change people’s perception of what reality is and can be, after all reality is what you imagine it to be. 

13. Life I’m Living – 1:35

This video is pretty different from the rest. I wrote this video in my journal late at night when I couldn’t fall asleep. This thought came into my head, “What life am I living? Is the one during the day a dream? Or is the one at night my life?” So, I ran away with that thought and this video was born. This video is more like a long poem. Poetry is just a part of who I am so it had to be in this album and this video is where you can see the poet inside me shine. I kept the font the same for the whole video because I wanted it to seem almost handwritten because it is a poem. This video is very thought provoking and it came together so fast for me when I was creating it. I had a vision or a dream and it became reality in an hour. Things flow when you go with your gut. 

14. This Journey – 1:31

This video’s theme is that everything happens for a reason and to love yourself through all the ups and downs. I have a lot of analogies in this album but this one about painting your picture is very vivid and easy to imagine. I think if you think of it like, each situation in your life is a brushstroke and a color on a palette it makes things clear. Sometimes that painting will be beautiful and other times you might lose the vision but that is ok for you are painting your whole life. I titled it This Journey because I think it captures what this life is about and how everything connects. And the song, I saw the title of it literally 2 minutes after I finished the video and I knew that was the one. It is called Multidimensional and that is who we are; electromagnetic and multidimensional beings on this amazing journey we call life.

15. Leap – 1:50

This is my favorite video in the album. For some reason I love to write and create stuff about connection, I mean I could literally make a whole album just about connection. You’ll notice this video has more words and less focus on the backgrounds; it’s just because I have a lot of thoughts about connection! And I want to make clear, I use the word relationship because it is vague and can include any type of connection. I do not use it to mean romance, but if that is how it applies to you that’s cool. A relationship can be any type of bond; I don’t know why when you say relationship people immediately go to romance. Anyways, what is funny about this video is I really wasn’t in the mood to make a video. I’d already made one and I thought I needed a break but my fingers pressed some keys and all the sudden I had a near 2 minute video made. I knew I wanted a video about connection in the REALITY section and this surpassed my expectation for the video, and I have very high expectations! And the song, oh my gosh what a perfect fit. I’d been wanting to use that song for a while and I knew as I was making this video that I’d use it. The title, “Need A Friend” is so applicable for this video and I really wanted the music to get faster/louder at the Jump slide and it fit perfectly. I titled this Leap because in a relationship you have to make lots of leaps and you have to trust in the Universe. You’ll leap when you’re ready. This video captures the moments before you leap and the exact moment you decide to go for it.

16. Galaxy, Quest, Dream, Vision – 1:50

This is one of my favorite videos I’ve ever made because it’s little more personal. I make videos mainly to inspire others, to encourage growth and to help you on your journey because that is my passion and my mission. This video’s purpose is of course to do just that, but it is also a little more for me and my future. Since this album is my imagination becoming reality, I thought I’d call into existence some things I want and show you how to do that in this video, after all that is what this album is all about. You’ll notice there is a pattern in this video and I’ve never done that before. The theme for the slides goes vision, dream, quest, galaxy repeated 4 times for a specific reason. Life is really about these 4 things. You are a special part of this Galaxy, life is a Quest so enjoy it, always Dream for dreams become reality and connect you to the Universe and Vision shapes the reality you live in and the world you create. The title of this song, Grow, fits in so well. I found this song fairly quickly and I knew once I read the title that it would be the one. When titles of songs match so effortlessly to the video it is like the Universe is telling me I am on the right track and I’m fulfilling my mission; it’s like a hug from the Universe. And I run with it.

17. Amaze – 1:27

The last video of REALITY and the last video of my first album, making this was bittersweet. I decided I was going to make an album September 24th. I had 2 videos done. And I finished this album and made this very last video on October 1st. So, it took me one week, 7 days, to make 15 videos, describe each one in writing and to bring this whole vision together. It just goes to show you that when you imagine something so vividly it can easily be reality as soon as you put your mind to it. And that when you’re in the creative zone things flow so freely that it almost pours out of you effortlessly. I knew the theme of this video would be happy endings because I feel the world needs to see more of those. And I don’t mean by the way you die but you can imagine that too, I mean in the hardest of times, in the longest moments and when tough gets tougher imagine the happy ending. Don’t let your mind tell you how bad it could be, imagine all the good things. There is so much love in this world and all you have to do is change your perception to see it. I titled it Amaze because this album, I think, encourages you to amaze yourself and to amaze the world. So, I wanted to tie in IMAGINE + REALITY at the end here by titling this video with the purpose of this album. I titled this album IMAGINE + REALITY because it always amazes me how much our thoughts create our reality -hence another reason Amaze is the title. And you’ll notice the images here are very much about paradise and nature scenes because I really think it is important to visualize beauty because we’re not really shown it. I think this was a very happy ending to this album.

And that is IMAGINE + REALITY. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I poured my heart, soul, mind, and intuition into this album. It was hard work but it was so fun to make. I love making videos; I’ve always wanted to make an album and to make that dream a reality and do it my own way is so cool to me. Thank you to the Universe for letting this come together so beautifully and effortlessly. Thank you to my higher self for making these videos so magical and for creating my vision. Thank you to my family and friends for helping me grow into the person I am today to make this album a reality. Thank you to you for watching this! Thank you IMAGINE + REALITY for being my debut album, my first love and my reality. I certainly imagined you for a while. 🙂 Be fearless and free – Ace

Above is the link to the Q&A I did about this album, it takes you behind the scenes of the album making process and it shares some of my inside thoughts. Thank you for watching the videos and reading this article, I hope they raise the vibration of your spirit and help you on your journey! And comment with your thoughts on the album, I’d LOVE to hear!!

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