A Moment With Silence

I sit and stare

Breathing in the crisp air

A moment with silence

Assures me all is well

My worries fly away

Doesn’t matter if it’s night or day

A moment with silence

Is an escape from the business of my mind

With silence I find

The knowing in me

The knowing that it truly is ok

Everything will be fine

Even if it’s not mine

Or the journey isn’t a straight line

I know it is all good

That’s not just a mood

It’s a way of living

A moment with silence

Helps you wave farewell

To those demons inside that sometimes dwell

You can then realize

Worrying is silly

Overthinking is most often a curse

Perfectionism isn’t perfect

But you are free

You make your own choices

And listen to your own voices

A moment with silence

Thank you

For the peace and clarity too

I’ll always remember you no matter

What form or energy you take

You’ll be with me when I wake

And when I break


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