a simple notation

Thoughts are hugging me today
I seem to not want it to go away
Don’t know if that’s good thing
Or if it’s just fear they bring
Either way it has me thinking
Where do they come from?
Are they all mine?
Why the sudden rush?
Should I just press flush?
Or do I let them keep coming?
I’m not running
I like to sit in it
And process bit by bit
A lot of these thoughts
Charge my body with creative juices
No more excuses
I just have to write it down
Some thoughts want me to drown
In a pool of worry
Telling me to hurry
On things in my future I can’t control
Like a sickening troll
Then I sit back and release the judgement
It doesn’t bring me contentment
This poem might just be my thoughts
On a page
Organizing themselves on this paper’s stage
Or maybe it’s my fingers’ creation
It’s probably just a simple notation

29 responses to “a simple notation”

  1. I enjoyed and loved this very much! I loved the idea of pressing flush on the thoughts – that image brought me a smile, how much space it would clear 🙂 I also think it is great to pay attention to our thoughts, not rush through, find the juice in them. I love the idea of paper being a stage on which our words can play/create. Amazingly done!

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    • Thank you so so much!! I truly appreciate your kindness and support, it means so much to me! I love your work, thanks for dropping by! Much love to you my friend 💛💛


      • Ist I am so humbled & grateful that a while ago you nomited my site for an award..really appreciated in benevolent love.& would like you to understand why.i did not follow it through…I often find 3D linear rules really heavy & laden in restrictions..follow this ,follow that etc…I love simplicity in all things..I try to explain multi-dimensional wisdom & knowledge in the most simplistic of 3D terms..so that all can understand.
        Hope this clarifies my position.
        Your blogs are beautiful well written & expressed from a connect soul…in love & source. Blessings..GG

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      • You’re so welcome and I totally understand! I just wanted to share your amazing site, your beautiful work resonates with me and I couldn’t resist sharing it! Thank you so much, your support means very much to me!! Much love 🤍🤍


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