Howling For Love

Like a wolf she growled, the moon shined on her like a radiant angel. But it wasn’t the moon that made her alive, for who even knew what the moon was. The stars inside powered her soul and brought a twinkle to her eyes. The growl that roared out of her was for the love that was missing in the world. She alone, could not bring all of it back, she needed the rest of her pack. She howled to the night and her voice spread through the woods, her brothers and sisters would always hear her because they all vibrated at the same frequency, love.

United, we are one, let’s bring the love back! Be fearless and free -Ace

15 responses to “Howling For Love”

    • Thank you so much!! A little sad yes, but the first step to solving any problem is realization! I think we all realize this world needs a little more love! I really appreciate the love you’ve shown me, sending lots of it to you 🤍🤍🤗

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