back to you

Oh connection
So many days I craved you
Felt you near but so far too
Look at us now
Holy cow!
You’ve engulfed my days
In so many ways
Thank you isn’t enough
Been through some stuff
Never thought I’d feel so close to you
On those days I felt so blue
I sent my wishes and they flew
You got my message
And delivered a presage
First came him
Super unexpected
But something connected
Here we are still
Lots of moments have been a thrill
I think right now we’re missing you
But it’ll be back
We’re on the right track
Then came her
Started slow
Then came talks for days in a row
Fun for a certain time
Just recently I said goodbye
I’m not mad at you
I actually want to say thank you
For keeping my circle real
And the truth near
Next you brought me this community
Providing me with so much unity
I feel so blessed
I would’ve never guessed
How many beautiful souls
Came knocking on my door
I opened it and asked for more
So many amazing conversations
Turning into lots of real relations
Through it came her
A definite spark
The Universe aligned us
Feel like we can talk about anything
Even though many miles keep us apart
Many smiles come to my heart
Then came him
Perfect timing
Starting to hit our stride
Enjoying this fun ride
I think this is just the beginning
And there’s much ahead
It’s just what the Universe said
Through it all
Has been my rock, my family
Been with me since I was born
And will be with me till the end of time
It’s harder to make these words rhyme
It just means my heart is so alive
My family, I thank you
I know it’s not nearly enough
I could write endless poems about each of you
That is definitely true
I always love you, my forever glue
To Ace, it’s all inside
Love yourself, and they come
Felt like a while to be able to say
I love you
But now that you’re there
It’s all about continuing to care
Whenever there is a tare
Come back to honesty, communication and love
Connection is always floating above
This poem is too long
But the words are flowing like a song
Connection, I see, hear and thank you
Making my life complete
And my vibe most often upbeat
Even in the tough phases
My soul raises
I will always find my way through
Back to you

41 responses to “back to you”

  1. Ace, this is so touching and heartfelt 🥺 Beautifully done. Life is a journey, but you’ve powered through spectacularly so far and I know you will continue to do so!! Lots of love, my friend 🤗💞

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  2. Ace this is amazing! The way you’ve described connection is so beautiful and heartfelt, especially the way you’ve discussed its multifaceted nature. Your poems continue to amaze me every time and this one inspires me to take up writing long poems again. Much love ❤️❤️

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    • Awe thank you so much Cait!!!!!! I’m so glad to hear that! I wish you could see the smile on my face reading this soul and heart touching comment. You’re such a beautiful soul I’m lucky to have connected with and blessed to have in my life!! Much love to you too friend 🤍🤗

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  3. I smile ear to ear – your deeply beautiful heartfelt poem reminds me of my first year of blogging. How blown away I was with such incredible level of authenticity and connection, a whole new universe opening up as if and opening up a brand new authentic magical way of being.

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    • Thank you so so much!!! Yes, that is exactly the feeling I was hoping to portray in this piece!!! Your support, kindness and our connections mean so so much to me!!! Much love to you beautiful soul 🤍🤍🤗

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