in my own world

Staring at the world in front, eyes wide and senses alive – yet there is nothing to see. The mind floats around from one idea to the next, one memory to one dream and one moment of hurricane to one moment of nothingness. There’s a peace in the wandering mind, a sense of home in the fluttering of familiar rabbit holes. In that comforting moment of internal adventure, everything outside evaporates into a new imagination.

She’s staring ahead, eyes on me, yet the heart seems to be on a different adventure. There’s something so alive in her gaze yet so dead in her attention to the outside. If there was a bubble around each of us, hers would be so intently fixated on every little detail of the present yet so mysterious in its grasp of reality. Her eyes may be focused on one thing, but her truest eye is flowing in another. I guess that’s where the lines of vision and sight get blurred.

Author’s Note – Inspired by the gym :-). I’m a total gym-rat and in-between sets the other day I was staring ahead but totally not fixated on what I was staring at, just in my own world. So, this piece is an elaboration of that. The first verse being my point of view and the second being the point of view of…whatever my eyes seemed to be set on :-).

39 responses to “in my own world”

  1. I think working out is a great time for meditation and focusing on “vision” and not merely sight! I love your description of “fluttering familiar rabbit holes” it really does feel like this when daydreaming and allowing one’s imagination to explore! 🥳‼️

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    • Aww thank you so much, D!!! So happy to hear you loved the voice behind this one, means a lot to me especially coming from you! Hugs and love your way, dear friend. I’ll be visiting your site soon 🤍🤗

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  2. Just love your original point of view on this poem. So mindful, working out yet unmindful, letting the mind’s parade loose while you are in deep concentration. A very powerful and deliberate act! Love what you say here: ” In that comforting moment of internal adventure, everything outside evaporates into a new imagination.” So well-described…I would say perfectly described. Then the second verse, so interesting how you, turned the camera on yourself….a long shot that said more than even meets the eye..but says exactly what the imagination is now fixated on..Really unique style and a powerful-in-control message dear Grace!! Bravo!!

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    • Aww Karima, thank you so very much!!! This thoughtful comment truly means the world to me. So happy to hear you loved the style and perspective to this one, brings a smile to my face! I like how you call it “the mind’s parade” – that’s brilliant!! Awww “perfectly described”’coming from you means more than I can say!!! Appreciate you and your always touching support, dear friend 🤍🤗

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  3. that’s where the lines of vision and sight get blurred… this line will remain imprinted in my mind, Grace! So beautifully thought and said! Loved the beauty and imagery in this post, and its perspective too. Awesome write, my friend !!!

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    • Aww thank you so much for this precious comment, Rahul. Truly means so much to me that you love my writing as I’m always inspired by you. Aww thank you 🤗, I truly appreciate your kindness 🤍

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  4. Great prose! Really evokes that zone one gets into when working out! It absolutely is meditative if you’re doing it right. Appreciate the author’s note at the end, it gives a really helpful insight into your thought process. Lovely work, Grace 🙂

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