The Language Of Love

Words are so very powerful but the intention, feeling, vibration and frequency behind those words hold all that power. You could say any word you want but without the right intention behind it, those words will have no power. The Universe speaks energy and so do we because we are the Universe and the Universe is us. It is time we realize the only language we all speak is love. There’s English, Spanish, French and a million more but love is the constant behind every language.

Wouldn’t you love to live in a world where we didn’t have to speak unless we really wanted to because we were all so in touch with our souls and the Universal language of frequency that we could feel each other’s words? You could have a whole conversation based off energy, the expression of your eyes and the depth of your souls. To do this, we must know who we are, realize our connection to every little thing in this world, let go of that little voice, fully trust our intuition and learn to play with the Universe.

To be in touch with other’s frequencies and feelings you must be so in touch with yours. As if your feelings are your best friend; you know them in and out, you communicate with them daily and you trust them. We feel things for a specific reason. Never ignore your feelings for they always have a purpose and they’ll become stronger the longer you wait to face them. We feel things in our heart and in our intuition. Those feelings shape our frequency and our frequency shapes the reality we live in for you attract the energy you put out.

How do you trust your intuition? It’s the same as trusting a person in a way. First you need to be aware of it and listen to it. Don’t ignore it, don’t push it to the side, listen with an open heart and a clear mind. Your heart, mind, intuition and soul are all the same thing; they’re all the Universe but they just communicate in different ways. Once you get to know your intuition a little bit and start to see that maybe it’s a little more powerful than you think, then your trust will start to form. And always remember that everything happens for a reason; so enjoy the journey and follow the signs. Following the signs takes trusting your intuition, so start there.

Love is all that really exists in this world. There’s a ton of distractions but when it comes down to it love is all. You are love, I am love, the tree is love, the Universe is love. Fear is an illusion; it sure does look like it is there but when you step back, clear your head and align yourself with the frequency of love then you realize,”Fear isn’t really here, fear is a construct in my mind that becomes my reality when I choose to focus on it.”

If we can all tap into the love that connects us to all and aligns us in the highest vibration then living from the heart and speaking through frequency and feelings is totally possible! I encourage you to practice stepping back. You might be in a heated moment, a tough discussion or a brutal reality but step back. Step back into your power, into love, into the Universe, into connection, into your heart, into your intuition and into the person you really are; love. You could think of as stepping in too, it just depends on how you look at it.

Going with that last thought, it just depends on how you look at it; that’s the key to life. You could be struggling so hard for so many seemingly true reasons but if you change the way you look at it that hard struggle could actually be that amazing miracle. Change your perception to change your reality, face your feelings to hold the frequency you desire and trust every ounce of your being to truly see.

So, I encourage you to start speaking the language of the Universe. Feel other people’s energy, frequency, vibration and even thoughts without using words but using your soul. To do this, you must be in touch with your frequency and soul. Speak with your heart, not your mind for your heart holds your vibration. Love is all around us and inside of us and it’s up to you to see it. Sending you love and the power to align yourself with the highest frequency of all: love! 💗 Be fearless and free -Ace

Comment with your thoughts! And stay tuned for my upcoming release of my debut video album IMAGINE + REALITY, October 15th!!!

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