We Are The Superheroes

Within each of us there is so much strength and power; more than you know. We watch all these movies of superheroes or just people with superpowers. Those movies are meant to make us think we’re just ordinary humans on this planet and the heroes will come and save us. I’m here to tell you that is a complete lie.

First off, we are not just humans; there is more to us than this body. Each one of us has a unique superpower in our soul. We all have different passions, purposes, and dreams and I am here to remind you to go after those dreams!! I think we’re told too often that “it’s impossible” or “there’s no way you could do it” or “that’s crazy”. I think our little mind tells us this too, limitations are made in the mind and manifested in the reality. And that’s ok, limitations are sometimes there only for us to break through them, grow and realize our true strength.

There is a reason each and every one of us are on this planet right now. We each have a mission to fulfill and a burning desire to do it. It might be covered up by distractions and little things that seem big but you always need to come back to your passion. In your soul, you know what that is. You know your purpose and what you came here to do. Your body and mind might not know yet and that is ok, your journey is perfectly meant to be for you. Communicate with your soul, it knows you at your core and what you are here to do.

Our superpowers are the qualities that make us unique, strong and who we are. Your purpose is your superpower and you are the superhero fulfilling that purpose. Even if you’re not quite aware of your purpose yet and feel a little lost that is totally ok because you can always come back to love. We all are love, we all crave love and we all believe in love in some way. You can always come back to love being your superpower. Your purpose is a more specific way of saying love. For example, your purpose might be to inspire others to be their best and if you break that down it is love. Or maybe your purpose is to be a writer who shines light on the truth which also comes back to love.

No purpose or dream is too crazy. You can do anything with the power of your fully alive soul.


No one is here to save us. I know the world is full of fear right now and there is a lot of darkness but that is because the light is shining on it. (Thank you to my mom for putting it that way 😊). But we are the superheroes here to save ourselves and one another because we are all connected. If we all unite and remind each other that love is the only answer, that we are so strong and encourage each other to shine our light then we will have saved each other and demolished the darkness. All it takes is the power of a united, fearless and strong collective; you’d be surprised how much love, light and how high of a vibration that collective can create.

I hope this helps you on your journey! You really are a superhero full of superpowers that the Universe knows you are. Be kind to yourself and dive into the depths of your soul for you are much stronger than you know. The best gift you can give yourself is belief for anything is possible when you believe in who you are. Be fearless and free -Ace

Comment with your superpowers!! And stay tuned for my upcoming debut video album IMAGINE + REALITY releasing October 15th!!!

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