The Story Of Truth

Once upon a time there was a world filled with so much chaos. The world was a show and every person in it played a role. The people you would see in the news everyday and everyone who was “famous” in the world was actually just a puppet of the darkness. The darkness fed off the people’s fear and they only provided the people with low vibrations through this thing called television, through schools that killed the people’s creativity and spirit and by telling the people they had freedom and then taking all their “freedoms” away.

Through a so-called “deadly virus” the people started to wake up. The veil started to thin and the people started to see for the very first time. The truth of the world was becoming more and more visible to the people’s eyes. The people gave no attention to the mainstream outlets, the people looked within. They started connecting with the Universe and realizing how much power their soul was connected to. But there was one thing the people still looked forward to: the election for who would run the world.

The election was yet another game played and scripted by the darkness. They provided people with anxiety, stress, fear and low vibrations for days and even weeks. Through this final show, the people raised their vibrational frequency. They came together and remembered that love was the only true thing in the world. Their vibrational frequency was so high that the people of this world ascended into a new reality and a new dimension. They destroyed all darkness, shined their light individually and collectively and just like that they met ascension.

This is not once upon a time, this is upon the time right now. It is exciting! We are so close to our happy ending! Raise your vibrational frequency and shine your light. We, the people, have the power to shine our light so bright that all darkness diminishes and to raise our vibrational frequency so high that we can ascend! It is time we realize and choose it. Be fearless and free -Ace

14 responses to “The Story Of Truth”

  1. Awe. Thank you so so much!!! Your kind words mean so much to me! Sending you love, light and good vibes!!! πŸ’™ The ultimate vibe is love right?! πŸ˜€ …so sending you lots of that. πŸ˜ƒ

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  2. 11/23/2020 – Hi there, I know you don’t allow comments on your blog but I just wanted to tell you what an amazing job you are doing! I love reading your posts and the way you balance spreading truth and love is inspiring and amazing! I feel so grateful to wake up to your insights every morning! They bring me so much comfort and joy and my heart always smiles! Thank you for spreading your light so brightly!! Keep up the great work!!! Sending you love 🀍 -Ace


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