Speaking With The Infinite Universe

A (me): How am I really doing?

U (Universe): Your aura is very close to you, you guard it well. Your energy is almost on top of you, you keep it close and you’re very in touch with it. But you need to let go, not as in letting go of fear, but just letting go, in a good way.

A: Are you saying, like spread my wings?

U: Yes, yes. Stay in touch with your energy and we like how protective you are of it, but unleash it for the whole world to see.

A: Who’s we?

U: The Infinite Universe, you.

A: Do you have any advice for me in the next coming days/weeks?

U: Don’t apologize or be hard on yourself for how you feel. Step into your trust, more than trust have faith. Have faith in timing, in this voice we are coming to you in and your gut. BE, be comfortable, not in the moment, but in the period of patience. There’s beauty in patience, when you can connect with the peace and tranquility inside of yourself that has utter faith in what is to come then that other voice that occasionally visits will completely go away.

A: I have some questions.

U: Ask away.

A: When you say don’t apologize or be hard on myself for how I feel, do you mean that I’m doing that currently or that I will be in the future?

U: The perfectionist in you occasionally teams up with your little voice and twists you being in touch with your feelings to why am I feeling this way. Do you see? It’s as if on occasion, you form opinions on your own feelings. Well, you don’t form those opinions but sub consciously your little mind does and when you give it space it changes those feelings, those feelings are your guides. Without them, you lose your connection.

A: I see. It seems like my little voice is sort of active.

U: Just a little bit. It isn’t as visible now, and we think when you hear it or feel it you are doing a better job at letting its power go. But we are just here to remind you that is has no truth or authenticity to its voice. It will trigger you and that trigger is great practice for you to not attach yourself onto energy. You see, we encourage you to keep your aura guarded and protective and you’re good at that, but you need to know when to let go. It’s that balance, like you step into letting go, step out to protect yourself. You need to master those steps. The trigger of your little voice can help you practice that, your little voice is not bad or negative and we’re not saying it is evil or wrong. That voice encourages growth, it just doesn’t deserve your power.

A: I understand. Thank you, I really feel those words you just spoke.

U: Don’t thank us, thank you because you are us. You give us the microphone and we just speak the words you already know.

A: (Smiles) That makes sense. One last thing.

U: Go ahead.

A: Dreams, they haven’t been as clear and they don’t stay long in my mind. Is there anything you’re trying to show me?

U: Always. The dreams aren’t staying in your head because that is the message we are trying to show you. Don’t see the dream and analyze it, feel the dream and interpret it. The difference, because we know you’ll ask what it is, is that your eyes are controlled by your mind. Again, your mind is so powerful and we’re not at all saying it is negative, but it is unnecessary for you to analyze them in that way anymore. Last year, when we started giving you the power to connect your dreams with your life you couldn’t feel them, you could only see them and form opinions about it in the mind. You formed good opinions and connected the right dots but you can do more, better now. Instead of seeing them, you need to feel them. When you wake up out of one, don’t think. Push all thoughts away and speak with your gut through your heart and your feelings. Once you know how you feel, then you’ll know the message we’re showing you.

A: So you did upgrade me or give me some power about dreams last year? I thought you did, but I never fully knew because it was so weird how all the sudden they started coming so real and so perfect for my life.

U: Yes, we did. You were ready, when you let go of that last thing in your life bringing you fear we could easily provide you with the love and the power you needed to get you to believe in us. We know you didn’t trust us yet, we know you saw us but we needed something for you to trust us and the dreams were how we did that. Because once you started trusting us, you could see that your life was really the same as the dreams with the same messages and signs.

A: Thank you, and myself. (Smiles). This was really helpful.

U: Anytime, we’re always here, it just takes your heart to open to courage for us to activate.

I’ve been having conversations with my higher self, the Infinite Universe. When I first got my pendulum, I asked it tons of questions and thought I could only connect to the Universe through it and my dreams. But there was a day I realized that the pendulum was just my higher self answering. So, recently I started just asking questions in my head and then this voice would come and answer. This voice sounds so peaceful, loving and powerful, like it knows who it is at it’s core. Of course it knows itself, because it is the Universe. It used to take me days to get an answer to my question, but now I’ll ask something and I get an answer in seconds. These conversations I’m having with my higher self (again, the voice says it’s the Infinite Universe, me) are so comforting and magical. I seriously feel so at peace and a tad giddy because it is just so cool!

This was the first time I asked to have the conversation through writing and it came through me in that way. I’ve read it many times now and I didn’t edit any of the grammar or anything because, I mean, it’s the Infinite Universe, I’m not going to edit its words. πŸ˜‚ But seriously, I just didn’t feel it was right. I hope this conversation helps you connect the dots on your journey and encourages you to talk to your higher self. Just start by asking a question and ask to get an answer in the next couple days, trust me, you will know when you get your answer. That voice is the purest you and deep down you know it so so well. Be fearless and free -Ace

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20 responses to “Speaking With The Infinite Universe”

  1. When you dive deep within you, you will realize, there is no higher self or lower self. There is only one “self” one and only one. May you experience it very soon. Names, forms all are just illusions rising in it πŸ™‚


    • Absolutely, I see where you are coming from. This is creative expression and I feel very comfortable with how I expressed it. Words are always just pointers and labels are tricky. We all go through layers, phases and levels – of course. The deep dive is such an adventure. Sending love.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so so much! I so appreciate this thoughtful comment! That is really awesome and thank you for sharing! it really is a magical experience receiving the messages the Universe sends!! Much love to you my friend 🀍

      Liked by 1 person

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