Speaking With The Infinite Universe – Part 3

A(me): Hi Universe, or higher self, it’s weird when I’m talking to you it feels like myself but also like something much bigger. Anyway, I just have one question for you today, could you just speak on the future and all that we are going through as a collective?

U(The Infinite Universe): Yes, so December 21st is approaching, obviously there are a lot of opinions about this day and what it will bring. Here’s the simple answer, an event that only happens every 26,000 years is happening and it is BIG for the times we are in now. The vibration of the planet will be elevated and every human will feel it, even if they don’t think they feel it, they are. Some humans, will be so in touch with these feelings and the vibrations that new doors will open, new opportunities will come pouring in and emotional/mental abilities will be given to them. They already have those abilities but it will be easily unlocked because of the raise in vibration. And some other humans, won’t feel these vibrations as strongly or maybe not at all.

This is totally fine, everyone on this planet has a purpose and for some, their purpose is to just experience and see this time. They won’t feel it or transform from it, they are just here to observe. These people, we’ll call them “observers”, will anger the people whose purpose is to transform because they’ll try to awaken the observers, but they simply aren’t meant to. This is the plan, the observers will help the transformers (the people here meant to feel the vibrations and unlock new mental/emotional abilities) grow and evolve. You see that in the end, we are all a family assisting each other in fulfilling one’s purpose/mission at this time? There is no judgement, none at all. It is just simple, some people are meant to observe and others are meant to transform.

But, whomever you are, an observer or transformer, you will attract those similar to you. So, you being a transformer will attract transformers, occasionally, observers will come your way but they will fall out of your reality because their vibration is just off from yours. Same thing to observers, observers will attract observers but, occasionally, a transformer will come into their reality, they will simply fall away as the vibrations don’t match. So, this is a long answer but in short, December 21st is going to make crystal clear who is a transformer and who is an observer, and to those who are transformers, they will begin their true process of evolving and becoming the beings their soul’s chose to be in this lifetime. To those who are the observers, December 21st will remind you to open your perceptions and see all points of view, if you can’t feel, use your gift, seeing.

11 responses to “Speaking With The Infinite Universe – Part 3”

  1. Intriguing write! I’m so excited for Dec 21 and I love how people have already termed it The Christmas Star since it occurs so close to Christmas. I think the idea of being a transformer or an observer is incredibly thought provoking. Amazing post as always!!!πŸ’•βœ¨

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  2. This is amazingly written, as always! I’m excited for December 21st too. I love how you talked about how transformers don’t necessarily need to transform observers; they sort of work together and are special in their own ways! πŸ€—πŸ’™

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  3. in the end, we are all a family assisting each other in fulfilling one’s purpose/mission at this time – reminds me of the quote by Ram Dass – We are all walking each other home. Absolutely beautiful post that reminds us of the magical portal we are in.

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