The Sedona Hike

I open the gate, and enter the climb. It’s as if I’ve entered this otherworldly vortex into the red rock. Speaking of the red rock, it surrounds me, everywhere I look, it’s there smiling down at me. The red rock has memories and spirit just like the trees and bushes, the clay that my shoes march on and the rocks that are stuck in the ground and loosely laying on the clay. The chilly air brushes past me as the sun tries to emerge from the clouds. Try as it might, the chill of the winter always comes strongly through, and I’m starting to enjoy it.

I start surrounded by red rock, the terrain and the crunch of my feet against the rough clay is one of my favorite sounds. I keep up my pace and breathe in the crisp air, the rock surrounding me, makes me feel at home, as though nothing can enter this magical little bubble I’m encapsulated in.

Then I meet the crossroads and enter a trail that’s lower to the ground. There’s more dirt here, and I’m just realizing I’ve entered a new bubble; the bubble of the majestic trees. I look up and all I see is the tops of long trees and a little hint of some more red rock. The air is cooler in this bubble, and the chill that runs through my spine awakens my soul. I’ve had visions of this foresty reality, it seems so familiar yet so new. I enjoy the feeling this place brings, it’s as if I’m in a scene in a movie. I put my hands on the rough bark and feel the soul of the tree, I hear it smiling down at me and inhaling my aura. I take my hand off the tree and keep walking, through the crunch of the leaves as the dirt runs into my shoes. Usually, the extra dirt would bother me but, I think it’s the energy in the air that makes me relax about it.

As I start the trek back, I move faster, the downhill terrain giving me momentum. But I try to slow down, I want to savor this moment with the trees, the dirt, the leaves, the red rock and the chill air. My soul feels so at peace and my mind is at ease, I realize my thoughts have evaporated during this entire walk. Maybe that’s my doing, or is yet again the magic of Sedona? I don’t look for an answer as I continue to enjoy the clear space in my head.

Before I know it, the four miles are up and this hike is over. It does feel different as I exit the bubble I was in for a few hours, I feel like I’ve entered the world again. Maybe this hike was a daydream or maybe it was an escape into a vortex, no matter what I will never forget the magic.

Be fearless and free -Ace

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