i hear you

Trigger after trigger
Makes my ears ring
Taking a deep breath
I stay grounded
My heart well rounded
Understanding different opinions
But rooted to my own
Sitting in my energy zone
Feeling my mind and my soul alone
Words come and go
Feelings bring me joy and woe
Heart continues to pound
But I’m always listening
To what he says
Or she says
But mainly to what I say
It’s all that matters
Triggers can try their best
But I will conquer and let them rest
All will work out
I shall not pout
Right now, it might hurt
But I’ll get up
Cause that’s all I can do
Always knew
There’d be these days
Where I’d feel tossed around in many ways
But that spirit inside is alive
It never dies
Pain doesn’t scare me
One + One, Two
Pain + Love, I grew
The point of the Universe’s test
Is to not fall into stress
Remember I’m blessed
This is all part of the quest
I’m not mad at him
Or her
It will all be fine
I’m just listening to the voice that’s mine
This much is true
Because I hear you

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