Stepping Into The Light

It is of major importance that you keep your vibrational frequency as high as possible during these weird times of uncertainty. The darkness wants you to give into their fear vibration but you must raise your energy, create your own reality, listen to your heart, connect with your soul and with others, but most of all, you must tap into the love and the light.

How do you not give into the fear? It all starts with what you let into your reality. The mainstream news outlets are putting out a vibration, and let me tell you it is not a good one. It keeps you sucked into the 3D world of fear and anxiety because that is what the darkness wants. You get to choose the vibration you live in. Your thoughts shape your perception, your perception shapes your vision and your vision shapes your reality. Change your thoughts and you’ll change your perception and the reality you live in. Don’t let your little mind take up room in your head, give it no attention and listen to your higher self.

Love is always the answer. You must tap into love and the frequency of it. There is so much power in the frequency of love, we are all love and it connects us to everything and everyone on this planet. We each have a unique light to shine and it is our responsibility to continue to shine it in even in the darkest or weirdest of times.

Everything is unfolding as it should and the Universe is taking care of you. All will be well. We just need to continue to raise the vibrational frequency of this planet so we can all meet ascension. Be fearless and reclaim your freedom that is only alive when you choose to let go of all fear and to step into the love. I promise you that whatever you believe will happen and whatever you focus on will expand. Focus on the right things (the love, light, the highest frequency and the Universe) and believe in what you want. Then your reality will end up being your dreams.

Sending lots of love, good vibes, strength, courage, and light! I hope this message is your little reminder from the Universe to stay focused on the light and to raise your vibration. Connect with your soul and the souls you hold dear. Everyone needs a little love right now and you’ve got to give what you want to receive. Trust the Universe today and always. Believe in the true power of yourself and the frequency of love. Be fearless and free -Ace

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