In March, he started to sense something wasn’t right. The world was shutting down before his eyes, the people were blindly taking orders but yet, all humans were supposedly free. The simple thought crossed his mind, “If we have freedom, why are there mandatory rules we have to follow?”

Then it hit him, this world, this “freedom, was all a game and a lie.” A deep lie full of twists and turns, ups and downs and more lies within the lie. He journeyed through a tunnel of truth and darkness which lead to his awakening. The tunnel was scary at first, but once he accepted the fundamental fact that he’d been lied to by dark dark entities since the day he was born, then the tunnel was, in a way, freeing.

When he emerged out of the tunnel he found himself in the light. Sure, he had days where it felt like he was stuck in a dark night of the soul, but he always tapped back into the light he’d found within himself. The tunnel showed him that he was full of so much light, he wasn’t just full of it, he was the light. When he was in the tunnel and starting to awaken, he promised himself to shine his light for he realized just how powerful the light is. The light illuminates all darkness and diminishes it, he realized that without the light no one could wake up to see the truth; that made him so grateful for the light that filled the Universe.

It was now November, the fire inside of him was alive and his light illuminated not only more truth but it illuminated who he was at the core of his being and the people who had that same light within them. He knew that everyone was the light, but only a few were in touch with it. As grateful as he was for those few who were in tune with their light and shined it so so bright, he also knew it was his mission to help others feel their own light. Maybe not through a tunnel, he thought he could be someone’s tunnel. That tunnel he journeyed through, to some might have been scary, but to him it changed his life for the better and he would forever be grateful. The truth set him free and his light on fire, this flaming light inside of his being, took him to ascension.

Be fearless and free -Ace

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