Now more than ever, it is so important to know your soul. I wrote this poem and posted it on a different platform a long time ago. I reread it today and it was really good reminder for me. I encourage you to sit with your soul and spend some time with it, there is nothing that could be more important. If someone doesn’t see you for who your soul really is, don’t blame yourself and don’t take it personally. You’re soul is unique, beautiful and full of so much love; if someone can’t see that, that’s on them not you. See you for who you really are and don’t accept anything less from anyone else.


There was a soul, young and alive 
This soul traveled dimensions through time and space
This soul didn’t understand 
The constructs and rules 
Of this society 
This soul lived in its mind 
And some days that was comfortable 
And other days it wanted to run 
This soul knows everything is 
Meant to be 
This soul craves connection 
There isn’t much that means more 
To this soul than connection 
This soul’s heart is open 
It has been broken 
But it is stronger because of it 
This soul’s emotions run deep 
Like the ocean with 
Big, strong and loud waves 
This soul imagines many things 
And waits for them to be reality 
This soul dreams 
This soul knows 
There is more to this world 
Than what appears to the eye 
This soul journeyed 
To being fearless for years 
This soul inspires others 
To be fearless and free 
This soul spreads love where it can 
This soul knows it’s the Universe 
This soul believes in itself 
This soul loves itself 
This soul believes in you 
So who is your soul? 
-ACE 🖤

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