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Perception, there is so much meaning within that word. With perception comes choice, vision and your higher self; your perception creates your entire reality and in every single second you are choosing your perception. Our mind has such a valuable role in how we see the world, how we see others and how we see ourselves. When you let go of your little mind’s opinions and views, then you can truly see the miracles within and around you, even in the toughest moments. Our thoughts create our perception, our perception creates our vision, our vision (just perception) creates our reality.

So think about it, without your mind what would your eyes really see? Our mind drives our vision, you might not feel or hear the thought, but subconsciously, that thought is creating what you see with your eyes. For example, you could look at a crystal, when you look at it your mind registers it as a crystal, then it figures out its color and then your mind forms its opinion about the crystal. I’m not at all saying your mind is bad or that this process of seeing something is negative, your true mind is so powerful and when you are tapped into it, literal magic is possible. What you do need to let go of, is the other voice, the little mind that negatively effects your thinking and your vision. Your higher self, it’s not going to tell you all the cheery and positive things, it will when it is necessary, but it will ALWAYS show you the truth because your higher self is the real you, always loving and supporting you, it is the Universe. So, when you are looking at something (always 😁) put on your higher self glasses and look through that lens, not the lens of your little mind. With your higher self, you’ll really be seeing.

With vision, there is choice. You have a choice on what you choose to look at, what you choose to be your perception. Choice is something I think we sometimes take for granted, it seems like such a simple thing, but when you dive into it and the bigger picture of choice, it is so so powerful. For example, you’re in a park and you’re looking at this beautiful tree and enjoying the clean, crisp air. But, in the back of your mind, you’re consumed by this nagging project you must complete by the end of the day and you are truly dreading it. Here’s the thing, you could choose to enjoy the nature and the peace, you could choose to focus on the dread of the project, you could choose to focus on the fact that you’ll be done with the project at the end of the day or you could choose to focus on the gratitude that you have something to do and that even though you dread it, you are more than capable of doing it. Then when you choose what you want to focus on, that thought will expand and create more of itself, because whatever you are thinking about expands and becomes reality.

This applies for every single thing in this life and beyond. It especially applies for the people in your life or maybe just the people you come across. When you look at someone, you never ever know what anyone is going through, where they are at in their journey or who they are growing to become. We all have different perceptions and that is a beautiful thing, if we all had the same perception, we’d be living the same lives, with the same thoughts and the same feelings. Essentially, we’d be robots. So, I choose and I encourage you to choose to focus on the beauty within the different perceptions of us all. We are all connected and the very least we can do is respect each other’s soul, respect each other’s journey, respect each other’s opinions, and be the love and light that truly wishes each soul well. No matter if you are mad at that soul, or hurt by that soul, you never ever regret kindness and love. Love is what we all crave, what we are all made of and spreading it is receiving it. Let your heart take over your little mind and master that balance of truth and love, that is when your perception becomes your dreams.

That’s it for today! Thank you so much for reading!! I hope this helps you on your journey!! Love yourself, love others and be the love that illuminates so brightly. Always remember, if you don’t like something in your currently reality, just change your thoughts and your reality will all change. The power is in you to live the reality you dream. Be fearless and free -Ace

Exciting announcement coming tomorrow 🖤

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