The Shells Of The Ocean

Like the shells of the ocean

Life is about love and devotion

We are filled with emotion

That emotion taps us into our hearts

Our hearts connect to us the Universe within

And the magic all around

Like the shells of the ocean

We are unique and beautiful

All with a strong light to shine

I am not mine

I AM one

I AM the Universe

So are you

Like the shells of the ocean

We have our cracks

But those cracks make us tough

It may be rough

But life is about growth

Without those cracks growth is hard to come by

Don’t lie

You know in your soul

Those cracks shaped you into the warrior you are today

Like the shells of the ocean

We come in all different shapes and sizes

But we are all connected by love

Like the sun above

When we shine together

We blur out all darkness

Time to unite

Like the shells of the ocean

These shells/rocks are all from my ever-growing collection! I’m so lucky to live near a beach and whenever my family and I go on a walk by the ocean, I always look for these gems! They are all so different yet the same. I think they really symbolize the uniqueness of each of us but at the same time the connection of love between us all. When we come together we can rise above the darkness and make each other better or in the shells’ case, make beautiful shapes!! That’s what this poem I wrote is all about, celebrating our uniqueness and collectively shining our bright lights to illuminate the world!

22 responses to “The Shells Of The Ocean”

    • Oh yes, you are so right, it really is a blessing!! Thank you so very much! I am so grateful for your kindness and this thoughtful comment! Sending you love and good vibes 🤍💫

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