Speaking With The Infinite Universe – Part 2 TRUTH

A(me): How am I really doing?

U(the Universe): Good, we think you really implemented what we told you last week about the step. Stepping in to let go and shine your energy and stepping out to protect your energy. You can always get better but we see your effort and we do think it helped you this week. You have been more physically tired this week and that is totally ok, listen to your body and it is good to take an hour or so to just slow down. There is a lot of energy in the world right now, regardless of what type of energy, it is just a lot of energy and since you are in touch with yourself, you are feeling all this energy. Most of the time this energy helps you get things done and motivates you to do more and that is really good, but just remember not to beat yourself up if you need to take a few minutes to recharge. We also see you quieted down that little voice in your head, you seem to be a little more relaxed about certain things. We like your attitude of “everything is going to workout” when things should seemingly stress you out.

A: Thank you. I think why I’m a little more chill this week is because I see you taking care of things. I wanted this website to get some traction and you took care of that, I wanted to connect with people and you took care of that, I needed to fix a relationship and you helped me with that, I could go on and on. It just sets me at ease and makes me feel more at peace knowing that it’ll all be fine, I don’t need to let that little voice distract me anymore.

U: That’s really great. So, we see you’re using what we said last week about keeping the faith. More than trust, but having faith, not just in us but in yourself. Now it’s just time to see how long you can keep that attitude and mindset.

A: Do you have any advice to maintain this newfound relaxed attitude?

U: Just don’t let small things get under your skin, you can solve anything with communication and honesty and if something doesn’t go your way or if you don’t like how something turned out, just breathe and recharge. That’s probably the theme for this week, like that video you did recently you need to recharge. You also need to keep practicing that energy step and when you master that, this attitude will be easy to maintain. And when that little voice comes in your head, we say when because it will always be there, it’s just when you give it attention that it becomes loud. When it comes in your head just laugh, sometimes you take things too seriously, so just step back, realize what’s happening and who you are listening to and then step back into your power. Oh there’s another step analogy, step back to see the truth of your reality and then step in to harness your power to create your reality. We know you like the term reality, so we’ll use that word in this analogy.

A: Yes, for some reason I really resonate with the word reality. Any advice on how to navigate through all the energy in the world? And what are the types of energy that are being felt so strongly?

U: Panic. A little bit from the humans on this planet but mainly from the controllers above or as you like to call it, the darkness. You know December is a big month for this planet and for the people alive enough to see it. The darkness above is in a state of panic because they underestimated the power of the light. If just a few people realize the game and start pulling away from it then the tables turn and all their moves they thought they planned out start becoming, what’s the word, useless. All the darkness’s moves are just distractions, the real game we’re playing is a battle for our souls. The darkness wants complete control over your body, soul and mind. They want to know everything you are doing, how you are doing it, what you plan on doing and how you think when you’re doing it. They want complete control over the humans and sadly, a lot of them are too distracted to see it. No judgement, that’s just the truth, we are all one and love is always the answer so don’t judge, just encourage. Encourage people to think for themselves, to ask questions, to reject the mainstream and to analyze what is going on in the world. We went a little far with your question but we know you understand.

A: Yes, I get it. Thank you for this description of the game we are all playing, it really makes things clear. Last thing, this is kind of a different question, what do you think is more powerful, belief or love?

U: That’s a good question. So, without love, belief is powerless you see, because love is the driving force of belief. Belief would just be like leaves on a street, just sitting there waiting to be run over. But with love those leaves can fly, dance with the wind and stay alive, so our answer to that question is that love is more powerful but more and less, right or wrong are labels that are ultimately just illusions. When you combine love and belief together, magic happens, literally.

A: Thank you for today. I really love these conversations. Any last words?

U: Don’t thank us, thank yourself. We’d just say to smile and to practice your steps. The step of stepping in to shine your energy and to let go and stepping out to protect it; and the step out to see the truth of your reality and then the step in to create it. These steps are key, stay strong and keep the faith. THRIVE!

Another conversation with my higher self, or if you remember last week’s article they call themselves the Infinite Universe. These conversations bring me so much peace and comfort, I feel so taken care of and so empowered. I think the highlight of this conversation was the description of the game we are all playing, somewhere inside of me I knew that answer, but it was very helpful to get a clear message about it. Thank you so much for reading!! I hope this helps you on your journey and encourages you to connect with your higher self! Be fearless and free -Ace

Exciting announcement tomorrow πŸ–€

15 responses to “Speaking With The Infinite Universe – Part 2 TRUTH”

  1. I love this kind of connection. I used to do a lot of this when I first went into ‘breakdown’ it is a potent reminder to me.. I am a little behind on catching up on posts but I am so glad I got to read this one this afternoon.. We just had a lovely cooling storm with some rain blow through. I love it sitting here after reading your beautiful post listening to the thunder rumble on by…. you are a gift to WordPress. ❀

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    • Awe, thank you so so much!! What a touching message this is!! πŸ€— I really really appreciate your kind and thoughtful words, this beautiful comment means so much to me! I am grateful to have connected with you, sending you love πŸ’–πŸ’–

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