Magical Twinkle

As I start to write this, I feel so grateful to the Universe and so connected to the love frequency. I’ve finally made it to Sedona, the vacation spot I’ve been dreaming about visiting for months!!! As cold as it is here 🤪, the change of scenery is much needed after having been nowhere this year. The energy here is so calm and refreshing; I feel as though this spot exists out of time and in a slightly different reality.

The Universe is seriously incredible, I know in a way I’m saying I’m incredible, because I AM (we all are) the Universe 😂 but, I don’t mean it that way. There seems to be this magical force that’s been following me around since a few days before the solstice; thoughts, manifestations and dreams have been becoming reality so quickly. I feel like all those days I told myself to keep trusting the Universe and all my wishes would come true someday, have been so totally worth it. I think it is important to be vulnerable and raw about the tough moments, and to savor the high moments when they come. That’s what this post is about; this magical twinkle that has touched my aura, is something I feel so blessed to share.

Magical Twinkle

Sparkle in my eyes
Erasing the world’s lies
Including the skies
The special shine in my aura
Due to the miracles the Universe
Has brought to my door
I’m sure it’s been here before
And my eyes weren’t ready to see
But today I’m immersed in it
Don’t know how long this feeling will stay
No matter what I’ll always remember
As I savor each moment like the best meal
I’ve ever eaten
Today I’m not feeling beaten
By the world and its madness
I’m here and alive inside
The twinkle in my soul
Has my vibration elevated
The connection I feel to all
Is answering my heart’s call
Feeling so alive and blessed overall
The best part is that I can choose this feeling
Whenever I want
And so can you
The choice is ours to thrive
I know somedays are hard
When you feel so stuck
But rise out of the muck
And come to this side
Don’t let fear make you hide
The beauty of this life is the ride
It may seem like our world is only dark
But your spark
Is always
The Magic Twinkle

Wishing you all the feeling of this magical twinkle!! The Universe is you, miracles always surround us, it just takes our open eyes to see and unlocked hearts to feel. Believe in your dreams because they will come true, I promise. The power is in you to thrive and it all starts with our perception! Feel the tough days, savor the high ones and enjoy the ups and downs of this journey we call life. The ups and downs make the adventure that much better! Much love to you all, be fearless and free -Ace

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    • Thank you so much!! This comment was spammed for some reason, sorry for the late response!! I am so grateful for your kind wishes and thoughtful appreciation!! It has indeed been a wonderful day!! Merry Christmas, sending much love to you 💜💜

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  1. What a beautiful uplifting post that certainly adds a twinkle and a spark to this moment and being, reminds us of the magnificence we are. This solstice has been especially powerful, I believe too, thoughts literally converting to reality. I have been to Sedona few times, and knowing the beauty of that place, I had this feeling few months ago to return there this winter – I am a prolific dreamer so other dreams came true, and not the one of myself being in Sedona LOL. So I am super happy to know that another resonant soul like yours has reached there 🙂 I remember the cold winter of Sedona, you stay warm and have the most amazing magical times!

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    • Oh no worries!!! The energy there is seriously unlike anywhere else, thank you so much for the kind support! It means a lot, hugs to you too 🤗🤗🤍


      • It really is!! Just three nights, it was quite a magical stay. The people there had such great energy and were so kind, the vegan food was also phenomenal! I’ve been vegan for 13 years, so I know!!! I hiked each day and it was just incredible, being surrounded by the beautiful red rock and greenery was just magical! I had to write a post about it too (The Sedona Hike), it just charged my body with creative juices!! Thank you for your thoughtfulness!! Much love 🤍🤍🤍


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