Journey With Love

What does it mean to love yourself?

It’s funny, a few months ago I really thought this saying, “love yourself” was so cheesy and very self centered. ๐Ÿ˜‚ So if you feel the same way right now, I get it. But let me assure you it is not a cheesy saying at all and it is definitely not selfish, it is actually the key to being your very best self. When you love yourself, you completely let go of all judgements you make on yourself and your little mind has no power or control over you. Whatever it says to make you feel small you just let it go and give it no attention or power. For me personally, I am very hard on myself. The hard part was recognizing when my little voice was speaking or when I was just being hard on myself because I do think having high but healthy expectations on yourself is really good. So like in all things awareness and recognition is the first step and once you get that down the rest kind of falls into place. To love yourself means to live fully from your higher self and your soul and to choose freedom because once you love yourself you truly become free.

There is a lot of fear in this world right now, how do you not give it power and not let it bring you down?

The frequency of love is always the answer. The frequency they want us to live in is fear and control and it is very strong. But I always say your thoughts create your reality. If you focus on that dark frequency then you’ll get more of it and you’ll be living in it. So you have to choose in every single moment to live in the frequency of love. It sounds daunting and hard to constantly choose the frequency you wish to live in but it really isn’t. Especially when your well being, soul and heart depend on the frequency of love, the highest vibration in the world. Every time that lower frequency tries to take you over replace your thoughts, recharge and focus on love. Your thoughts are really the key here, even subconsciously. Whatever you focus on expands, whatever is in your mind will be your reality. Be strong mentally and only focus on the things you want in your reality. You can always come back to love and light; if you’re ever feeling like you need something you need to give it to receive it. So give and spread the frequency of love and you’ll be filled with it.

Where do you think thoughts come from?

I love this question because I think there are so many answers to it. I have a few theories. Number one, the Universe for sure. We are the Universe and the Universe is so vast filled with so many different beings. Channeling is a real thing and we are multidimensional beings so I think maybe other beings plant certain thoughts in our head. This would make sense because there lots of beings who feed off darkness so if you have a negative thought it could just be some dark being trying to feed off your fear. It might sound crazy but at this point nothing sounds crazy to me. Number two, our higher selves for sure. I don’t know if I’m alone in this feeling but sometimes I’ll hear a voice in my head that is just so sure of itself, so powerful and so true. Like it sounds like me but it doesn’t because it sounds so much deeper. It’s hard to explain, I don’t know it’s like a thought that comes into my head in a different voice and there is nothing else for me to think about because it’s my higher self trying to send me a message. Number three, we are all connected. Every single one of us is connected on this planet and beyond. So, I think you could be reading someone else’s thought and then think it’s your own but it really isn’t. See, if someone’s vibration is strong enough then it is contagious which makes their energy and thoughts very easy to read, especially if you know your vibration super well then you can read anyone’s thoughts. Think about it, if you go to a restaurant and eight people are behind you also trying to get a table then technically you all had the same thought to eat at this specific restaurant at this certain time.

What is one thing you wish the entire world knew?

That is a really tough question I could answer in many many different ways. But I think I’ll go with this: I wish that every single person in this world knew how much strength and power they contained. If we all knew our strength and power we wouldn’t be following ridiculously nonsensical orders in a so called “free” country. If we all knew our power we would stand up and fight for freedom and realize that it just takes a strong and united front to diminish all darkness. We are constantly being controlled and told how small and weak we are because the “controllers” know we are so powerful. Each one of us can make a difference in one way or another, all it takes is realizing our strength, opening our eyes to truly see and harnessing the frequency of love.

Why is it so important to be in touch with your feelings and to face them?

When you are in touch with your feelings then you are in touch with who you are at your core. You know who you really are and that is one of the best things in the world. If you let your feelings just sit there and if you continue to push them down and distract yourself then one day the Universe will just bang you over the head with them. Not as in a “punishment” because the Universe always speaks love and is trying to help you, but as in “you need to get this message”. Feelings never go away until you face them and you have to face them to grow. Obviously, if we have good feelings it is very easy for us to face them, but I think when we do have good feelings we need to understand why we do and how to maintain those good feelings; rather than just enjoy the temporary emotions. Our emotions connect us to the highest versions of ourselves and it is our emotions that separate us from the dark beings out there. It is so important to feel things and then to express how you feel or else it will continue to eat at you. You will always feel better when you dive into your feelings and understand the message the Universe is sending you.

How do you read energy?

I like to think of reading energy as our special superpower because it really is. We can all do it and once you do you’ll be able to know who you’re meant to connect with, who you’re not meant to connect with, the real truth behind a person, the real truth behind the world and the language of the Universe. I think through reading energy the biggest gift of all is the stronger relationship you get with the Universe. Because then the Universe starts giving you more signs and you start to see it more in your life; it was always there but now you see it. But, how do you read energy…the first step is to be very in touch with your frequency. If you don’t know your own frequency then how can you expect to know someone else’s? That’s another added benefit of being able to read energy, you’ll get to know yourself so well. Once you know who you are anything is possible. Then your energy will be like your best friend, you’ll know everything about it. That’s when it gets fun because everything just flows naturally. You can’t force it, there will be something inside of you that just knows the energy and the vibe off something or someone. Then it is up to you to trust it; my advice, trust yourself the first time you get a read off someone’s energy. Your intuition, higher self and heart are always right so trust them. Don’t waste time pushing down your feelings of someone’s or something’s energy.

That’s it for today! I love doing articles like this, I’ve done a few in the past with this format. When I write in question and answer format I almost feel like it is coming straight from my higher self, like channeling. It is super clear and honest. I find it very helpful for myself and hopefully super helpful to you! And these are really good topics to focus on and form opinions about. Please comment with any questions you’d like answered, I’d be more than happy to answer! Be fearless and free -Ace

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