The Paradox Within Duality

Duality surrounds us and paradoxes are every where you look. This world is full of so much uncertainty, but for now what seems certain, at least in this world we live in, is duality. You can call it whatever you want, polarity, duality, or a paradox but you should always remember in whatever situation you are in there is duality. We’ll focus on the positive side because even duality has a paradox but when you’re struggling or having a rough day bring your mind back to the focus that everything is duality. In the struggle there is always awakening and a gaining of strength and courage, it just takes your mind to recognize it.

Love, truth, vibration and our minds are probably the biggest paradoxes right now. Let’s take a little dive into all four.

Love is the only real thing in this Universe, every thing else is an illusion. The frequency of love is the strongest frequency, I don’t think we realize just how powerful it is. When we are tapped into this frequency our hearts and souls are so alive and awake that everything becomes so clear. When love engulfs our beings and is the only thing on our minds we become our real selves and see the world through that lens. Here’s where duality comes into play: right now, the darkness and fear is making it really hard to tap into the vibration of love. They know how strong it is and how powerful love truly is, so they are doing everything in their power to take it away. I always say our thoughts and what we imagine becomes our reality. We need to be diligent about focusing our mind on the frequency of love. To do this we must trust and follow our heart and our soul, connection in anyway brings love so we must constantly connect with our higher selves. We can always blame the outside world for what we can’t do but in true reality, everything is our choice and we have so much power. Enough power to live the exact reality we want to live in the best possible vibration.

I don’t think there has ever been a year that brought as much truth as 2020 has. The truth is eye opening, alive, awakening to the mind and most of all freeing. When you dive into truth you will always find freedom. To dive into truth you have to be fearless, there’s no other way. You can only take your higher self into truth and that brings true freedom. When you live your life fearlessly and without your little mind tagging along you begin to realize all the miracles that surround you and your vision becomes oh so clear. But here’s the paradox: the truth will change you forever. You will never again be the same. To some, this is scary, actually, I think to all it is scary at first. But then there becomes a certain point when you’re opening your eyes for the first time with truth by your side and you realize, I was living a dream before, I was living a lie. You become grateful for the truth because it awakened your soul and the fire inside of you that has always wished to be free. Living your own truth, living your life with truly open eyes, and living your life with the fearless mentality that all/any truth only awakens you makes this life the best adventure you’ll ever take and every ounce of your being truly free.

We are all electromagnetic beings connected by the Universe and love. We all feel vibrations and energy whether we realize it or not. We all vibrate a certain energy or frequency whether we realize it or not. That is just the beings we are. Any and all vibrations hold power and lots of strength to them. Some of us can see this very clearly and others are just starting to. Love, light, truth, poise, confidence and actual freedom are some of the very best vibrations. They are all love but we can call them different things. ๐Ÿ˜ Vibrations of any kind are so strong, they spread and flow outside of you creating your aura and attracting situations, people and experiences. That’s the paradox, any vibration is strong. Whether you choose love or fear it will illuminate loud and clear in your being and outwardly in your aura. Fear is always an illusion we create in our minds, if we ever choose, that is ok. For two reasons, one – we learn to never choose it again and two we can always choose love any moment we choose. Choice is such a gift because we have so much power that any and every choice we make becomes reality. So, always choose the vibration of love and watch your reality light up.

Our minds are more powerful than we know. Not only do our thoughts become reality but all of our thoughts are connected. Through vibration comes our thoughts and through our thoughts comes the life we truly live. Whatever we believe and whatever we focus on will happen. There is no doubt about that. The Universe is always trying to show you this but when your little mind gets in the way you can no longer see it. That’s the paradox, your little mind knows just how strong you are and how much power your have when you truly believe in yourself. It will do anything and everything to make you forget that. With all of this strength that you have inside your being you can easily choose to ignore that voice and to only live with your higher self. Again, it is a simple choice to choose to live in love and only from your true self. When you do this your life becomes your dreams filled with miracles, signs a plenty from the Universe and true peace and freedom.

That’s it for today! As I was writing this, someone reminded me that when we ascend there will no longer be polarity and duality for all things will be love. I know that is true and as I was writing this, I focused less and less on the duality and more and more on the solutions to it. So, again, I have to thank writing for truly helping me grow, for helping me realize my truth and for discovering pieces of my soul. I do believe that right now, in the world we are living in, that everything is duality but I also believe that when we ascend that probably won’t be the case. I encourage you to form your own beliefs, truth and opinions about this topic. I think in some cases duality is a gift and it helps you out of tough situations and in other situations it is a little bit of a trap. So, it’s funny, through writing this I’ve come to the realization that even duality is a paradox and full of its own polarity. ๐Ÿ˜ Thank you for reading! Be fearless and free -Ace

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