Uniquely You And Me

We are all the same yet we are all so unique. We are the Universe, we are literally stardust and we are all connected to each other and to everything in this Universe. But we each have a different purpose, a different soul and a different journey. So, let’s practice living this life without judgements because each person on this planet is different than you yet uniquely the same as you.

There is a saying, “whatever you see in others you see in yourself.” There’s a few different ways of saying this but this, essentially, is the point. Everyone’s perception is different making everyone’s reality different. And whatever you focus on expands, so if you’re focusing on some quality within yourself it will definitely present itself in another person. I think this saying is very true but at the same time it’s not. If you only see in others what you have in you, then are you really ever seeing someone for who they truly are? The key to balancing this saying is to keeping an open mind and to do that you must let go of all judgements. This is a lot harder than it sounds, and I’m still working on this, but seeing every human on this planet with compassion for their journey and for what they may be going through definitely feels better to your soul than judging someone for who they appear to be.

We all have different beliefs, opinions and thoughts and this is a beautiful thing. The darkness in the world right now is trying to take the beauty of this away from us and make it a bad thing by using our different opinions to divide us. In real reality, without our different beliefs we’d all be robots living the same lives, with the same intentions, and the same outlook on life. So, the next time you disagree with someone or have a difference of opinion instead of being angry at this, look at it from a new perspective and keep your mind open. Use your light and find that place within yourself that is grateful we all have different minds and unique lights inside of our beings.

Everything is and always will be ok. We may be different now or you and I might believe in different things, but that is ok because love is always the driving force of our hearts.


You never know what anyone is going through, each soul is different and every journey is different. But one thing is the same, we all are made of love and we all crave it in one way or the other. Love is always the answer. Love connects you to your higher self, to your heart, to the Universe and to each soul on this planet. Spread a little love everywhere you go, it doesn’t have to be huge, the smallest things in life are often the most meaningful.

Follow your heart and live your life not from your little mind but from that place within yourself that believes in yourself and in others. I don’t think you, the real you, ever judges anyone. I think your little mind takes a little time in your head and places judgements on others and on yourself. I encourage you to never ever judge yourself. Being hard on yourself and having high expectations is much different than judging yourself. It really is good to have high expectations on yourself because then you can reach higher versions of yourself and you can get to your dreams faster. But judging yourself is a waste of time and not who you truly are. Only when you love yourself, can you love others. And loving yourself doesn’t come with judging yourself. Thoughts may come in here and there but give them no attention. Realize the absurdity of the judgement upon yourself and squash that thought. Tap back into love, your higher self and your heart; the Universe is always taking care of you.

I hope this helps you on your journey! With all the division going on in the world, I felt it was of importance to spread this message. Thank you for shining your light and being uniquely you! Always remember to be confident in the person you truly are, to love yourself and to have compassion! Be fearless and free -Ace

9 responses to “Uniquely You And Me”

  1. I have to be honest I am really struggling with the call that’s been placed on my heart. It’s the call to get out in front of ppl and show them who I am and who they are through love. I have spent my entire life in the shadows and was definitely ok with it lol. This post came just in time. Thank you!

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