The Most Important Relationship

Our physical body consumes food and water; our soul, heart, and intuition consumes vibration, love, energy and light. Your soul, heart and intuition are the same thing, the Universe, but they speak in different ways. We are always feeding our soul, and it is our choice if we feed it junk or light in its highest form. And when I say soul, I mean your higher self, your heart and your intuition. Your soul can never be too full because your soul charges your physical body and beyond.

Energy is the language of the Universe and love is the law of the Universe. We are the Universe, we’re not just made of it, we are it. We are connected to infinite love, energy, power, strength and freedom; we just have to choose to tap into it.

Your energy is like a field always surrounding you. No matter where you go, what you’re doing or how you are feeling, your energy field will always be with you. When you vibrate high enough, your energy field becomes your superpower. You can use your field to protect yourself from negative energies, to manifest your reality, to meet people with the same energy field, and to unlock your full limitless potential. Think of your energy as a wave of light, balanced and strong while being bright enough to light up the world. Like the ocean – the ocean attracts us because the waves are like energy, somedays coming in strong and other days coming in calm. There are always waves, somedays the sun lights up the sea and other days it hides behind the clouds. Choose to be the sun that lights up your energy field.

I know when we listen to our hearts, we are feeding our soul and communicating with it. When you master that relationship of listening and talking to your soul, to the Universe, you become in touch with the true frequency of love and your unlimited power. Your heart, soul and definitely your intuition are always speaking to you. Your intuition speaks to you in feelings, your heart through love and your soul through the true voice that is the real you in your mind. All these things are your higher self speaking to you and guiding you through this life’s journey.

To hear your higher self more clearly and more often, you have to feed it really good things. Be the energy you wish to feel, spread what you wish to receive and feel and dream the reality you wish to exist in. Feed your soul love and the frequency of it, love is all there is. Love is what keeps us alive, without it we are soulless avatars, not the strong, powerful and light filled warriors that we truly are in our souls.

We all make mistakes and have our rough days and that is ok. Don’t beat yourself up about it, you may have fed your soul some junk but there is this thing called detoxing. Detox out the bad energy and darkness by cleaning up your vibration, resetting and coming back into love. Tap into your courage and belief and believe in your true self. Refuel your soul with love and recharge your energy field with light.

Once you feed your soul a lot of really good energy, love, light and high vibrations you’ll start to see all the signs around you and you’ll start to hear all the messages. I’ll ask my higher self questions throughout the day and when you practice it a lot, you start to hear that strong and kind voice that always answers you and is always speaking to you. But you can’t just listen, you’ve got to take that to the next step which is doing. Or else the Universe will kindly bang you over the head with it; for your benefit – of course. We all learn differently. 😁

If you’re living the reality you don’t want to be living in, if you’re wasting your time doing things that don’t make your soul complete, or if you’re in a relationship that no longer matches your energy field then let go. Listen to the call of your heart and let go of it. You will always know you are living your purpose and your dream reality when your soul feels complete. This sense of peace and freedom will come into every ounce of your being and engulf you. That is what we live for in this life. It is ok you haven’t felt this feeling yet, everyone’s journey is different and uniquely perfect for them. You have to trust in yourself, the Universe, that you are on the right track.

So, feed your soul, detox when you need to, then listen to your soul, heart, intuition, higher self and the Universe speak back to you. Once you get the message and feel it in your core, go do it. Do what makes your soul complete and free, there is nothing more important than that.


Thank you for reading! I hope this helps your on you journey! Sending you the best food possible for your soul! Be fearless and free -Ace

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