Journey Into Imagination

He stood inside looking out the window, the voices behind him started to fade away and his eyes started to journey. The river outside drew his attention, the trees swirled in the wind like his emotions, the layers of the blooming flowers opened like his heart, the chirping of the hummingbirds made his ears smile and the tranquility of the energy that encased all of this beauty set his soul on fire. He shut his eyes, taking in the beauty and sealing it all with a smile. When he opened his eyes, it was all gone, like it was a beautiful dream he had just woken up from. The voices behind him came back to life, and time brought him back to the actual moment. He knew the scene he created in his mind, was the magic only he saw, but to him it was as if he lived every moment of his dream. He took a deep breath and with a hop and skip he entered back into the conversation, his energy fully recharged, his mind completely clear and his spirit fully alive. All it took, was a little journey into his imagination. Be fearless and free -Ace

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